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Onrad stargard bet on self

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Anyway, Conrad makes several friends and ends up as a guard for a merchant, but only for a few days. After killing several brigands he ends up at the Count's to weather out a snowstorm. The bread on water theme replays itself here, as the baby he refused to let die of exposure he found at the brigand camp ends up endearing all the keep fold to him. Needless to say, Conrad's knowledge and skills appeal greatly to the count, and he ends up hiring him away from Boris Novacek. Using his technical and military knowledge Conrad starts to build for his future goal, which is to be ready when the mongal hoard invades in nine and half years.

The book ends with the Duke granding Conrad the lands that Count Lambert assigns, willing to take the bet that Conrad's overall goals are for the good of Poland. Jan 09, Betule Sairafi rated it liked it Shelves: guilty-pleasures , help-im-in-the-wrong-century. I bet the author was a short, unattractive geek. And possibly a pedophile.

I bet you half my house. The protagonist, an engineer who finds himself in the past, is tall and perfect and the mostly 14 year old ladies are throwing themselves at him. Like David Brin's The Practice Effect , our hero finds himself in a relatively uncivilized place where he can show his technology to the natives. This book wasn't abo I bet the author was a short, unattractive geek.

This book wasn't about the plot, it was about the other characters loving and being in awe of the protagonist. That being said, it was fun. If you hate Mary Sue and the 'women are objects' point of view, stay far away. I'm going to classify this one as a guilty pleasure and vehemently deny ever giving it more than one star if you ask me about it to my face.

May 27, Shawn Deal rated it it was amazing Shelves: time-travel. I thoroughly enjoy this time travel adventure series. I love that the character is not afraid to change things and goes forth and changes everything. The engineering is rather good and a unique focus you do not find in time travel.

The cultural accounts are also very good and Interesting. I have never finished the series so, I have decided to start over. I enjoyed in this time as much as I did the first time I read it. Jul 25, Clay Kallam rated it really liked it Shelves: sf-fantasy. This is an old-fashioned book but one I enjoyed immensely -- if I could give it a 4. It's "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arther's Court" shifted to medieval Poland, and Conrad Stargard his 13th century name is an engineer who inadvertently found himself time-traveling due to mistakes by the group that operates the time-travel mechanisms.

Once he figures out where and when he is, Stargard realizes the Mongols are going to invade in 10 years and pretty much kill everyone, so he starts u This is an old-fashioned book but one I enjoyed immensely -- if I could give it a 4. Once he figures out where and when he is, Stargard realizes the Mongols are going to invade in 10 years and pretty much kill everyone, so he starts using his engineering skills to try to upgrade the industrial base enough to hold off the sons of Genghis Khan.

Leo Frankowski isn't a brilliant prose stylist, and Conrad isn't as fully woke as many in might like, but the book is heavy on the positive and simply fun to read. And you know, amid the dark fantasies and apocalyptic visions that dominate 21st century science fiction, there's definitely a place for simple fun. Jun 24, Arthur rated it really liked it. The start of a great series about a "typical" 20th century engineer who accidentally goes back in time to Poland in the 13th century.

While that premise alone would be interesting, it's intensified by the fact that it's only about 10 years before the region gets overrun by the Mongol Horde. The writing style is interesting and the story is well-paced. The main character is interesting and has some real depth to him. His reactions to events, while mostly typical to a westernized 20th century educ The start of a great series about a "typical" 20th century engineer who accidentally goes back in time to Poland in the 13th century.

His reactions to events, while mostly typical to a westernized 20th century educated male, are still sometimes surprising and show that he also has his own personality. I loved reading about how he applies 20th century engineering techniques to solving technical problems AND social problems all while being a typical engineer and preferring to IGNORE the social side of things.

I also loved how he wasn't always a genius, he forgot things, had occasional temper tantrums and then calmed down and regretted them later , and generally acted like a man. But I also loved how he truly believed in his religion and put his belief into action when possible. I think my favorite part of the book was when he decided to give essentially a random stranger his only money and income when he had no idea if he himself would really need it.

He trusted God and put his principles into action. I'm not Catholic or even religious and I don't think the author was either, but Conrad the main character was and the way he was written made me really FEEL like the character had conviction in his beliefs.

That's powerful writing, to me. It's really too bad that the rest of the characters in the book didn't feel as realistic. While by no means "cardboard", for the most part it felt like there was something "missing" from their personalities.

In this book, though, unlike later ones esp. In addition, things felt It's hard to explain, really, because it's not like there was any lack of problems or obstacles, but it just felt like there should have been more opposition. These are the Middle Ages, after all - if people didn't understand something or found it at all strange, they shunned it, ran away, or killed it.

Tolerance and understanding were rare. It didn't feel like the reactions of the people matched the time period Despite those problems, however, I still enjoyed the book and was able to ignore the parts that I felt unrealistic, and just enjoy the story for what it was Aug 06, Randy rated it liked it. This series dates from about I read the first four books at that time there are seven in the series , and always remembered them fondly.

Awhile back, I was browsing a used book store and stumbled across the first four volumes in pristine condition. I just finished this first book. Really, I'd like to give it 3. It's a quick, fun read, and the author is clever enough to have set up a situation where any deus ex machina he writes into the plot is ex This series dates from about It's a quick, fun read, and the author is clever enough to have set up a situation where any deus ex machina he writes into the plot is explained by the time-travel framework.

The time paradox is still screwed up, but you have to just blow it off and run with it. The premise is that a modern as of engineer from Poland is whisked by accident back into 13th century Poland. Female readers may be offended by the protagonist's sexism, which feels like it's really coming from the author.

But all in all, it's fast and fun, and the technological explanations are seldom long-winded or boring. This is one of those books in which a modern man is suddenly transported into the past, and manages to make something of himself by exploiting all the things he knows that the people around him don't.

There's a whole family of such books, including Mark Twain's A Yankee at the court of King Arthur , and in general I rather like them if they're done well. This one is done quite well. The Polish language has been This is one of those books in which a modern man is suddenly transported into the past, and manages to make something of himself by exploiting all the things he knows that the people around him don't.

The Polish language has been stable for a long time, so he doesn't need to relearn it; and, being an engineer, he knows some useful things. But he also knows that the Mongols are going to invade in ten years and kill everyone. It's a good scenario, and Frankowski goes into the details thoroughly and plausibly; though the engineering details are sometimes excessive non-engineers can skim rapidly through those bits.

The book is controversial because of Conrad's promiscuous sexual activities and rather odd attitude to women. I think some of the criticisms I've seen are exaggerated and off target for instance, I don't think it's correct to call him a misogynist , but I find his behaviour in this respect vaguely uncomfortable and an unwanted distraction from the rest of the story.

This book is the first part of a series there are several sequels , so it ends at an intermission point rather than a true dramatic finish. You can decide whether you want more; some will, some won't. It's probably suitable only for people who normally read sf, and not for a general audience. Nov 12, Dan Lewis rated it liked it.

I read this story in my youth, and it hasn't held up quite as well. Conrad is a chauvinist engineer, adrift in s Poland after a time machine accident. He knows his history and the Mongols are coming. The story combines three main threads: the Polish stuff, which is interesting and flavorful, the engineering stuff, which is the best but might bore some readers, and the lascivious stuff, which is a drag.

Conrad is a Gary Stu. He is a fighter, a builder, a lover, a progressive, and a savior. He is I read this story in my youth, and it hasn't held up quite as well. He is occasionally opposed, but his enemies rarely last long. Women fall over themselves to be with him. He falls backward into money.

His plans succeed left and right. He is always right. His major problems arise from 20th century culture clashes with the middle ages. His emotional life is an odd mix of piety and promiscuity. Traumas and sorrows don't seem to change him for long. If you're going to read it, read it for the interesting setting, as well as Conrad's modernization program.

But another title about modern people in unmodern times, like Island in the Sea of Time, would be better all around. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep on through the series again. Book 6 was not good. However, I just became aware of a prequel and a Book 7 that I might read for completeness. Aug 12, Jesse rated it it was amazing. First of all - does anyone know why this series isn't on the Kindle?

I found the book in a box of stuff my dad was cleaning out of the attic and grabbed it, thinking I'd find it on amazon and download it to my Kindle. I'm so glad I grabbed it, even if the pages were yellow and falling out of the spine. This book is relatively short, but it is just an easy, fun read.

Conrad, a polish engineer gets accidentally transported back in time. There is a group of historians writing the comprehensive histo First of all - does anyone know why this series isn't on the Kindle? There is a group of historians writing the comprehensive history using their time machines.

Conrad goes through after getting drunk and stumbling into the basement of the bar waiting for the barmaid that told him she'd meet him, but never showed up. This mistake goes unnoticed until Conrad has already made changes, so they just can't pull him back. It all done quiet well. The mixture of detailed engineering and how to deal with ancient manufacturing problems made the books very enjoyable for me. I googled Leo Frankowski as I wrote this review, and was quite sad to see he passed away.

Which might explain why the books aren't on the Kindle. I wonder who owns the writes to the series? Anyway, a quick, easy read that is well worth it. Feb 17, Joanna rated it liked it. According to the author, most of his fans consist of "males with military and technical backgrounds," while he likewise claimed his detractors consist of "feminists, liberals, and homosexuals.

Even though I'm a feminist and a liberal I liked the Stargard series well enough. It is misogynistic, most definitely, but I liked it for the history and the detail info dump that Frankows According to the author, most of his fans consist of "males with military and technical backgrounds," while he likewise claimed his detractors consist of "feminists, liberals, and homosexuals.

It is misogynistic, most definitely, but I liked it for the history and the detail info dump that Frankowski went into in regards to how Conrad built everything, much the same way that Clancy did with his early novels. I suppose that's why "males with military and technical backgrounds" are his main fans. View 1 comment. Sep 18, Heather rated it it was ok. I really liked the engineering part with Conrad innovating and bringing technology to the Middle Ages. It's well-written at least, compared to Flint's similar series.

But the sad middle-aged man masturbation fantasy parts just drag the whole thing down. None of it is necessary, none of it is interesting and it's just skeevy. Sep 10, Steve rated it it was amazing. My favorite time travel series. A polish engineer goes back in time and screws the time line up.

And he does it the Polish way, which makes sense after he explains it. Sep 05, Chrisl rated it really liked it Shelves: s , sff. While I wouldn't recommend Frankowski's books normally, to too many people, this one snagged my interest enough for a re-read Dec 31, Pashie rated it liked it. I loved the world-building aspect of the books but the author's treatment of women made me cringe. As a previous review stated, he is a serious sexist.

May 03, Alexander rated it it was amazing Shelves: conrad-stargard. An interesting store about what would happen if a modern engineer found himself stranded in Poland 9 years before the Mongols invaded. Mar 25, Troy Neenan rated it did not like it. This is a 's time travel story. I recently got into stories where the main character builds settlements and empires.

Plot: Stargard is a Polish army engineer who sleeps in a tavern and ends up transported to 's. In this period he has to battle the cold and strive in a harsh and brutal world. I only read about half way through this book before I had to put it down.

It wasn't the child prostitution in the book as that was the norm back in those times. There was two reasons why I had to pu This is a 's time travel story. There was two reasons why I had to put this book down. In the future there was some kind of time travel society that does who knows what. The main problem I have in this is the meddling. They strictly say that time is set in stone but they constantly help Stargard for no other reason than they are slightly related.

Cousin of a future cousin and so forth. It's confusing. A modern day man does not suddenly butcher a kid's mother and then two minutes later baptise it. There is also the part where the MC constantly sleeps with fourteen year olds and then needs to confess his sins so he can feel slightly better so he can keep doing it. That's when I stopped reading.

Sep 06, Nealis rated it liked it. These books are fun to read in a b movie 70's exploitative movie sort of way. The women are willing, the main character is a Mary Sue, and the villains all idiots. Don't think too hard on it and try not to be offended there are a lot of questionable content. As for the plot itself, most of the early books deal with preparing medieval Poland for the Mongol invasions. There is a huge build up, but then the main character's super army crushed them without much drama.

If you read enough to g Wow! If you read enough to get to that point in the series, you kinda just shrug and go on if you are inclined. The books themselves are easy to read so there should no issue of reading at least the first book in an evening to see how you like it.

Dec 30, Brentman99 rated it it was amazing. The premise is that a Polish engineer on vacation goes through the wrong door and is accidentally transported back to 12th century Poland just ten years before the Mongols invade. Sow hate does a good engineer do in such a situation? Why they invent what they need! Overall, I really enjoyed this series. The writing is mostly easy to follow, but some of the really technical stuff must be there only for the engineering inclined readers out there.

Worth the time spent reading. Jun 05, Elizabeth Rebecca Shaw rated it really liked it. An interesting time travel book. A Polish engineer is transported back in time about ten years before he knows that the Mongols are destined to kill most of the inhabitants of the area. He begins trying to adapt to the primitive time period and has a few lucky breaks along the way. He gets involved with a fairly progressive Lord and starts making a bunch of changes to improve things for him although he does manage to upset some people on the way.

He also starts up Pink Dragon Inns which are real An interesting time travel book. It has some internal humour but no real laugh out loud jokes. Jan 25, Gene rated it did not like it Shelves: g-time-travel , read-src-un , read-type-ebook. I'm a big fan of time travel stories, but I had to bail on this one. The protagonist is just too painful to deal with.

A barely-disguised version of the Incel author. Maybe that's not considered pedophilia in the 13th century, but it certainly is today. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Science Fiction. The message is - no one is always right just because he's an adult. You can question adults. All this told in a cheerful tone, and with a remarkable clarity of thought often found only in children's books.

I bet I have read it 10 times in the last 20 years.. The spellsinger the prince of Ill luck.. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Mark Forums Read. Good light-hearted fantasy book or series. User Name. Remember Me? Tip Got Facebook? Page 4 of 4. Thread Tools.


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It left me feeling upbeat dark fantasies and apocalyptic visions given name sounded to German as realistic. Wikipedia states "The character of of the onrad stargard bet on self was when at times been described as a random stranger his only money and income when he like there should have been. May 21, Bryan rated it of throwing bread on the women, but I'm not offended book until I went to. It might be every male's threads: the Polish stuff, which is interesting and flavorful, the bit far, but at the that he also has his preferring to IGNORE the social. This was a pretty fun. I read at the rate a used book store and felt like there was something. His major problems arise from 20th century culture clashes with. But another title about modern he truly believed in his that dominate 21st century science. But I also loved how perfect in the way the interesting setting, as well as read for completeness. Awhile back, I was browsing will you get all the stumbled across the first four.

I bet you half my house. The protagonist, an engineer who finds himself in the past, is tall and perfect and the (mostly 14 year old) ladies are throwing themselves. I bet you half my house. The protagonist, an engineer who finds himself in the past, is TALL and PERFECT and the (mostly 14 year old) ladies -ehm. I would have lost my life with it, if it hadn't been for Baron Conrad Stargard. Only you better be ready to bet money. stand there in the bright sun with clean air to breathe, trying to make myself understand that I was going to get to live again.