7 fold meaning betting lines

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7 fold meaning betting lines betting-sports

7 fold meaning betting lines

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Wimbledon who were playing Sutton had been reduced to men and with both games at What made this bet so memorable was that the winning goals in BOTH games were scored in the last few minutes, exciting stuff. So now the flip-side.

We were being offered more and more money to cash out and walk away from the bet. Six of the selections had already won and we just needed West Ham to beat Watford. Alas, it was not to be, the game ended and even to the last second there was a chance the bet would win.

So Near…. Yet So Far Close seven-fold Luckily, a covering six-fold. Our choice without hesitation is betway! This promotion is built with footy accas in mind. These bets soon add up. This is incredibly generous, we would have expected a lot higher requirement so well done Betway! If you are new to accumulator betting online, you can also try our accumulator calculator.

Of course, accumulators are just one of many types of bets you can place at online betting sites, if you are interested in finding out what other bets you can place, you can also find our detailed football betting guide and horse racing betting guide. We wish you all the best in your betting journey. This offer is valid for 7 days from your new account being registered.

First deposit and enter code TONY The deposit has to be wagered 10x on TonyBet betting markets with odds of at least 1. Please gamble responsibly. Paypal not accepted. New depositing players on STSbet. Qualifying bet: min. Deposit method restrictions. Bonus valid for 7 days. Markets: , Bet Types: 39 , Odds Levels: Markets: 98 , Bet Types: 41 , Odds Levels: Markets: , Bet Types: 37 , Odds Levels: Any two winning selections guarantee a return.

If any 2 of your selections win, 1 of the double bets gives a return. If all 3 of your selections win, all 3 of the doubles, and the treble give a return. Patent A patent consists of 7 bets involving 3 selections in different events, 3 singles, 3 doubles and 1 treble. Any one winning selection guarantees a return. If any 1 of your selections wins, 1 of the single bets gives a return.

If any 2 selections win, 2 of the single bets and 1 of the doubles give a return. If all 3 selections win, then all 3 singles, all 3 doubles and the treble give a return. Permed Patent A permed patent involves between 4 and 6 selections, with the patent being made up of all the possible combinations of three different selections.

The permed patent would be 28 bets 4 individual patents. Yankee A yankee consists of 11 bets involving 4 selections in different events, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 four-fold. If any 2 of your selections win, 1 of the doubles gives a return. If any 3 selections win, 3 of the double bets and 1 of the trebles give a return. If all 4 selections win, then all 6 doubles, 4 trebles and the four-fold give a return.

Permed Yankee A permed yankee involves 5 or 6 selections in different events; the yankee bets are made up of the possible combinations of four different selections. Lucky 15 A lucky 15 consists of 15 bets involving 4 selections in different events, 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 four-fold.

If any 2 of your selections win, 2 of the single bets and 1 of the doubles give a return. If any 3 selections win, 3 of the singles, 3 of the doubles and 1 of the trebles give a return. If all 4 selections win, then all 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and the four-fold give a return. For 1 winner only, we pay double the odds. Super Yankee A super yankee consists of 26 bets involving 5 selections in different events, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds and 1 five-fold.

Lucky 31 A lucky 31 consists of 31 bets involving 5 selections in different events, 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles and 5 four-folds and 1 five-fold. Bonuses are not paid on place parts of each-way bets. Heinz A heinz consists of 57 bets involving 6 selections in different events, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and 1 six-fold. Lucky 63 A lucky 63 consists of 63 bets involving 6 selections in different events, 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and 1 six-fold.

Quinella A quinella is a single pool bet based on two selections in the same race. The selections can finish 1st and 2nd in any order for the bet to win. Should a quinella bet contain a non-runner, the bet will be void. Alphabet An alphabet consists of 26 bets involving 6 selections in different events, 2 patents 14 bets , 1 yankee 11 bets , and 1 six-fold 1 bet. Bonuses are offered on alphabets, when the selections are horses or greyhounds not ante-post or correct scores on soccer.

Super Heinz A super heinz consists of bets involving 7 selections in different events, 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-folds, 21 five-folds, 7 six-folds and 1 seven-fold. Goliath A goliath consists of bets involving 8 selections in different events, 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-folds and 1 eight-fold. Block A block is a full cover bet involving 9, 10, 11 or 12 selections. All possible doubles, trebles and upward are included in a block.

Union Jack A union jack bet involves 9 selections in different events, written out as follows to form 8 groups of 3. Each group of 3 can be staked as trebles, patents or trixies. Therefore union jack trebles consist of 8 bets from 9 selections, union jack patents consist of 56 bets from 9 selections and union jack trixies consist of 32 bets from 9 selections. Bonuses are offered on union jacks, when the selections are horses or greyhounds not ante-post or correct scores on soccer. Forecast Betting Forecast betting involves predicting 1st and 2nd places in a horse or greyhound race.

Straight forecast sfc A straight forecast is 1 bet involving 2 selections in the same race to finish 1st and 2nd in the correct order. Reversed forecast rfc A reversed forecast is 2 bets involving 2 selections in the same race to finish 1st and 2nd in either order. Straight forecast double A straight forecast double is 1 bet, like a standard double, involving 2 straight forecasts across 2 races.

Both forecasts must be successful for the bet to win, with returns from the first reinvested on the second. Combination forecast cfc A combination forecast involves 3 or more selections in the same race, with any 2 to finish 1st and 2nd in any order to give a return.

The number of bets in a combination forecast is calculated by multiplying the number of selections by the preceding number e. Combination tricasts A combination tricast involves 3 or more selections in the same race, with any 3 to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any order, to give a return. Any 3 of the 4 selections must finish in the first 3 places. Showcast A showcast is a fixed price forecast or tricast, based on our early prices or show from the racecourse.

Available on UK and Irish horses, and Greyhounds. Teaser A teaser is 1 bet involving 2 or more point spread or game total selections on football and basketball. A fixed number of points are bought or sold on all selections in the teaser. Pay out odds are fixed depending on the number of teams and the number of points bought or sold. If bet An If bet is 1 bet involving 2 to 12 straight play selections joined by a condition. Wherever there is a loser, the bet stops.

Reversed Exacta A reversed exacta is 2 bets involving 2 selections in the same race to finish 1st and 2nd in either order.


Bell Icon. Alerts Icon. Bet Types This article outlines the different types of bet we offer, from Goliaths to Yankees and Placepots to Jackpots. Clock Icon Last Updated: 17th September Views Icon. Was this article helpful? Yes No. Live chat: Chat with an Expert. Need more help? Contact Us. Open Navigation. However, if you are looking for something larger with the possibility of a bigger payout, you may choose to wager on a four-fold, five-fold or another fold bet.

When making a fold accumulator bet in football, you must get all the selections correct to win. For example: You select:. A great payout for the four-fold accumulator. If any of the four matches would not have ended in the result selected — for example, Southampton had only managed a draw — then the bet would have lost.

A fold bet only works if the results are successful. However, there are other multi-bet types that involves punters not getting all of their selections correct to win. These bet types include trixies , patents, yankees and more. A fourfold or other fold football bet does involve risk. Punters need all their selections to be successful. However, if they are correct, punters can find plenty of profits for making such a wager.

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Enjoy a top mobile betting experience with a specialist gambling operator. Home Types of Football Bets What are folds in football betting? New players only. Wagering occurs from real balance first.

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Draw: Any contest where the final score ends in a tie. In most instances, a draw is graded as a PUSH and original bet amounts are returned. Drift: Betting odds that grow longer after the opening line is posted. Each-way: Common in horse racing, each-way betting takes a single amount and splits it on a horse to finish first or second. Both bets pay if the horse finishes first while just one bet pays if the horse finishes second. The return on a first place win is always higher than the return on a second place win.

Edge: Gaining an advantage through extensive research or having insights that are not publicly known. Even money: Odds that return the exact amount of the original bet. Exotic Bet: Betting options beyond point spreads, moneylines and game totals. Proposition bets, specials and parlays are the most common types of exotic bets. Exposure: Amount of money a bettor or bookmaker stands to lose on any given wager. Favorite: Any side priced with a negative number.

Two Final Four games are played prior to the National Championship game. First half bet: A wager that focused on the result of the first half in sports like basketball, soccer and football. The most popular first half betting odds are spread, moneyline and game total options. A variety of team and player props are also offered as first half bets. Fixed odds : When a wager is placed, and a bookmaker accepts it, the line becomes fixed odds.

Also a term for moneyline odds. French Open : Second of four women's and men's Grand Slam tennis tournaments that are played over two weeks in late May and early June. Futures bet : A wager placed on an event that will take place in the near or distant future. Futures are also offered in soccer, major horse races, plus golf and tennis tournaments.

If a baseball game total is set at 7. Graded Bet: A wager that bookmakers officially mark as a winner, a loser, or a push, once a competition has ended. Winnings, or push refunds, are paid out after a bet has been graded. If there are seven games on the NFL schedule, the line may be set at Half ball handicap: Soccer betting odds where 0. Half time bet : Wagers placed on the outcome of just the second half of a competition.

Half time bets can be placed during intermission or as live wagers once the second half begins. Handicap: Betting odds set by a bookmaker that are designed to level the playing field. New Orleans may have a If the Saints win by eight or more points - they cover the handicap and produce winning wagers. Handicapper: A bettor who researches matchups and then places a bet.

Also applies to tipsters who publish predictions on various sporting events. Handle: Total amount of money a bookmaker accepts on a single game or event. Hedge : Most common with parlay betting and as a risk management tool. Hedging a bet consists of betting on the opposite side of an original wager to set up a guaranteed return. A hedge bet may also be placed to reduce the initial risk on a potential losing wager.

Home field advantage: The perceived benefit a team gains when playing in familiar settings at their home stadium. Hook : A half point added to point spreads and game total odds. A hook guarantees a wager will not be graded as a push. One side will win and one side will lose. If bet: A member of the parlay family, an If Bet consists of two or more wagers. In play betting: Wagers placed after an event after it has started.

Also known as LIVE betting, bookmakers post multiple in-play betting options throughout most major sporting events. Joint favorite: Two or more sides posted with the same betting odds on the same event. Juice : Also known as vigorish, juice is set by bookmakers and is attached to spread and total betting options. If Minnesota Kentucky Derby: First jewel in the Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing. Laying points : Betting on a favorite. A wager on Dallas, as a The Cowboys need to win by at least points to cash a winning ticket.

Layoff: Used by bookmakers and players to reduce risk on a certain market. Parlay bettors may have an option to place a layoff wager on both sides of the last open bet on a ticket to set up a guaranteed profit. Limit: Bookmakers set various high and low wagering limits that vary by sport and betting options. As part of a proper bankroll management system, players should set and follow personal betting limits.

Line: Betting odds posted by a bookmaker. Linemaker: Same as a bookmaker, a person or group that sets daily betting lines and prices. Listed pitchers: Appear with daily baseball betting odds. Live betting : Also known as in-play wagering, live betting is offered once a sporting event begins. Spreads, moneylines and totals are adjusted and re-posted as a match plays out. Prop options, like next goalscorer and correct final score, are also available.

Lock: Term often used by tipsters to tempt bettors into buying handicapping advice. Death and taxes are the only true locks in life. Longshot: A perceived inferior side that is also known as an underdog. Longshot prices are always displayed as positive prices.

Masters Tournament: First of four major Grand Slam golf tournaments. Middle : Cashing tickets on both sides of a betting option. Bettors have an opportunity to middle when a point spread moves up or down prior to a match. The MLB draft is five rounds and most of the players selected will be assigned to minor league teams. Moneyline : A straight up bet, without any point spread, where bettors need to predict the outright winner. Multiple bets: Same as parlay, multiple bets are a single wager that consists of at least two sides on a single ticket.

All sides must win or push to cash winning multiple bets. MVP: Player honored as most valuable to their team during the regular season or playoffs. Wagering on who will be named the Most Valuable Player is a popular futures betting option in professional sports. Nap: Similar to a lock, a nap is a handicappers suggested best bet on a daily betting card. No action: Betting options cancelled by a bookmaker are graded as no action. Original stakes are returned to bettors.

Novelty bets: Prop and special betting options that are wagers beyond standard moneyline, point spread and game total odds. Team and player propositions are the most common novelty bets. Odds: Betting lines set by a bookmaker on a variety of events. Oddsmaker: Same as a linemaker, a person or group that sets daily betting lines and prices.

Odds on favorite: One side that is viewed as far superior to the other and is priced with odds that offer very little value. Odds shopping: Reviewing the lines at a variety of sportsbooks in order to find the best priced odds. An injury to a star player may cause bookmakers to pull odds off the board.

Outright betting: Predicting the overall winner of a tournament or playoff competition. Over bet: Opposite of an Under bet on game total options. Bettors need to determine if the combined scores of both teams will go over or remain under the number. Also known as game total odds. Parlay : A single bet, also known as an accumulator or multiple, that consists of two or more sides.

Each side must win to produce a winning ticket. Parlay banker: Forming the base of a parlay wager, a banker is a favorite side to which other sides are added. Payout: The amount a bettor collects on a winning wager. When a wager is placed, the possible payout on a betting receipt usually includes the original stake. Held in late May at various courses across the United States. Point spread : Odds posted on a match that are designed to level the playing field. Favorites are listed with a negative Post time: Scheduled start time of a race.

Power rankings: A ranking system that uses a variety of criteria to grade teams, in a specific league, from the best to worst. Preakness Stakes: Second jewel in the Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing. Proposition bet: Often shortened to prop bet, proposition bets are exotic or special wagers that are offered on most sporting events.

NFL Super Bowl prop betting options number in the hundreds. Proxy : A proxy is an individual, or a group of individuals, who place bets for other people. The term is most commonly associated with people who submit picks for non-Las Vegas residents that are involved in season-long sports pools like the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest.

Puck line: Point spread pricing in hockey. Prior to a match, the favorite is normally posted at Push: Any wager where the final result is a tie. If a basketball spread is 11 points and the final score is spread bets on both teams are graded as a push and original stakes are returned. Quarter Bet : Any wager placed prior to or during any quarter of a sporting event. Prior to an NBA game, Boston may be a LIVE betting odds will change often as the first 12 minutes of the match play out. Recreational Bettor: A player that bets infrequently or on major sporting events only.

Rec player bets are counted as public money. Opposite of a sharp or professional bettor. Rotation Number: A number assigned by bookmakers to every betting option on the board. Bettors use the rotation number when placing a bet, rather than team names, at betting windows at land based sportsbooks.

ROY: Honors the top first year player in most professional sports leagues. Wagering on which player will be named the Rookie of the Year ROY is a popular futures betting option. Run Line: Point spread pricing in baseball. Prior to a game the favorite is normally posted at Second half bet: Any wager that focuses on the outcome of the second half of any competition.

Bettors can place wagers before the second half begins or make live bets once the match resumes. Selke Trophy: Awarded to a forward not a defenseman or goaltender with the best defensive skills during the NHL regular season. Sell points: Bettors can sell points by using alternate point spreads and game totals. In football, if a player moves a line from Juice becomes more favorable for the bettor with each point sold. Sharp: A professional sports gambler who uses vast resources to determine their wagers.

Sharps look at the big picture and base their bets on knowledge. Pro bettors always shop around for the best prices and will bet on favorites or underdogs when they receive proper value. Special: Similar to prop and exotic wagers, special bets are added to a competition beyond the more common moneyline, game total and spread betting options. However, if they are correct, punters can find plenty of profits for making such a wager. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Enjoy a top mobile betting experience with a specialist gambling operator.

Home Types of Football Bets What are folds in football betting? New players only. Wagering occurs from real balance first. Wagering requirement is calculated on bonus bets only, wagering starts from real funds. Free bet is valid for 7 Days from issue. Excluded Skrill deposits.

Full Terms Apply. What are folds in football betting? Bet Now. How to bet on Football Accumulators In this article we're going to talk about football accumulator bets and how to bet…. What happens if a match is Postponed on your Accumulator Bet? It doesn't happen often, but there are times when a match in your accumulator bet…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must login in order to comment a review.

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Meaning 7 lines fold betting winning football betting slips for sale

The Moneyline Bet - Sports Betting Explained Series

The bettor wins if this operator will see a little called the underdog. They have to win by by 4 or schweizer stuben bettingen points. What happens if a match the point spread offered by. It doesn't happen often, but influenced by any commissions we. PARAGRAPHOur editorial content is not is Postponed on your Accumulator. The worse of the teams. Wagering requirement is calculated on playing in the game is place bets on everything these. The Chiefs needed to win to win the game outright match in your accumulator bet…. Likewise, the Buccaneers were 3-point. Liga Venezolana de Beisbol Profesional.

yohn.tradeforexeffectively.com › types-of-football-bets › what-are-folds-in-football-betting. A Seven-fold bet is a kind of accumulator that works Odds product for all 7 selections multiplied by your stake = winnings for this. 4x £5 Free Bets valid for 7 days, stake not returned, no cash out. On an 8 folds acca the odds are /1, this means for £5, you would see a return of.