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Maouris ceramics nicosia betting

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Wlien dodder is found infesting a, erop steps should ai once be t aken to destroy it. The importance of Forests in mountainous Countries, with special reference to the hill Forests of Cyprus. A knowledge of the scientific reasons controlling these influences, over and a. For many years forestiTs and scientists have given these questions exhaustive study, and results from sevaeral countries have been correlated. The Cyprus Agriout. Statistics, collected by Dr. Tn Cy] rus we have evidence on all side of the erosive acdioii of such winter torrents.

That forests do provide a safeguard against this form of destruction has been demonstrated scientifically in various 46 The Cyprus Agricultural Journal. Engler in Switzerland is probably the most widely known. The general results of his obscTvations established detinit dy tluit the st, reams in the well-wooded valley laid a greater and more 'onst.

Time, money and scientitic management ai'e required for their recovery, but above all protection inust be secured against the agencies which are even yet most, active in their destruction. Hy Pij. A healthy mulberry tree retains its leaves until the beghmiiig of wintiT. Hilkworin rearers should i ay parthuihir attention to the condition of the leaves before they are given to silkworms ; wet dusty or peeked leaves should be avoided.

The gathering of heaves should take place during the early hours in the morning as soon as the dew has dried and in the afternoon after the midday heat is over. During transport, the leaves should not be ] resse l tight in the baskets or sacks, as this will cause fermentation. Worms feeding on such fermented leavers will, undoubtedly, be affected by diseases, if the leaves are collected whilst in a wet state, they should be spread out in layers in a cool room, otlier than the rearing room, until the moisture evax orates.

During the first two stages and ] art of the third silkworms should be fed on leaves from ungra-fted mulberry trees which are teiKhuvr and 'ontaiii less moisture. During the fourth and fifth stages leaves witli small twigs, Xireferably from gra-ftcMl and ungratted trees alteruathely, should be givam to the worms. When a steady temperature is maintained in the rearing room, round about '. The quantity of food required by the worms cannot be accurately defined ; it depends on the race and duration of the life of the worms, as well as temperature of the rearing house.

On an average some okes of mulberry leaves would be required to rear 8 drams of silkworm eggs. In order to avoid uneven rearings, food should be provided simultaneously and in the same iiroiiortion to all the worms on the same stall. TThe Cyprus Agricultttral Journal.

Year I fi. The vine throughout Italy is cultivated in association with other cultivations such as : frtiii, mulberry and willow trees, cereals, broad beans, beans, potatoes and vegetables. The cultivation is so intensive that, in passing, one can hardly see a, single square yard of uncultivated land. The extension of the cidtivation of broad beans is so great that one asks w'hat are, they used for ; the answ'er is that the broad bean is the main food of the ground as green manure , of the people and of the cattle.

The use of animal manure or green manure broad beans, etc. Maresmllii 'asalmouferrato is gineral. Spraying is gineral against. Eudemis with calcium arsenitc preferreil to lead arsenate for the two first treat imnts and sulphate of nicotine for the following treatments. Powdering also with arsinicai ] owders Meritliollo,. Malson Scherring, tlermany gives satisfactory results for tlie lirsi two treatments against Eudemis. Tlu'y are contained in tins of various dimensions with the micessary instructions for use on tlnun.

Vinr Hujiport. An original method of grafting of the vine observed is that of grafting not near or a little under the soil as the custom in Cyprus but. This method, though less rapid, presents several advantages and may be of interest in Tim Cyprus Agricultural Journal.

After experiments on this method have been made a description will be given in this dournal, if it proves satisfactory. Wine Mahing. Modern installations are met everywhere. Not one unsoimcl wine was met with. One cannot leave Italy xvithout being deeply imjiressed with the high standard of the apiculture of the country, in general, and particularly of its viticulture.

Pahtieation No. During this period considerable wastage would develop. Experiments wnre carried out to test the efficacy of various chemical treatments of the fruit on the development of wastage. It is pointed out that this is prevented in the U. The Otpetjs Agrioultitrai. One per cent. Ammonium carbonate, while giving a good control, caused severe skin blemishes. Disinfection and pre-cooling of fruit before shipment would go far to reduce the occasional high XKircentage of wastage in Cyiirus fruit shi] ped to the United Kingdom.

A Review of the Citrus Season, Pkodiutiox for he year was slightly above average, the yield in the Lefka area, recovering from the previous year's frost to a great er degri'c than had been anticipated. This service was carried on under the su] ervision of Mr. The wank of the Fruit Inspection Service has, on the whole, been carried through with rather U'ss dilliculty than had been antici] atod, although, not uiu'xpecti'dly, certain minor a.

The iK'cessity for better storage a. As was ant icipated, t he rest. A very substantial increase in exports to these markets is recorded and there is little doubt that next year will reveal a still further increase, for it is now clear that Egypt is determined to estabUsh her own citrus industry and to make it as difficult as possible for Cyprus citrus fruit to gain ingress to her markets.

The effect of the regulations governing the export of citrus fruit has been to establish a greater confidence in the minds of importers and consumers in the more distant markets by the improved general standard of shipments, graded and packed on the basis of quahty. The The Cyprus Agricultural Journal. As was stated in the pages of this douriial last. The folJounnij Import Regnlatio7is which will come into force in Palestine towards the end of Angnst next are pMishedfor general informaiion : — Palestine Import Regulations.

Importation of nursery stock shall only be made through the ] ort. All s] ecies of citrus other than citrus Fruits from Egypt and Cyprus. All s] ecies oF ficus. Tomato Lycopeysicvm escn- leninni. Pomegranate [Pnnica grana- Hum. Cajanus indiea.

Mulberry Morus spp. Palms, iiududing dates and date palms. Mango Magnifera spp. Melia azaderachi. Ihipaw Varied papaya. Egg plant. All Hibiscus s] ]. J asmin urn spp. Maize seed. Bean Seed. Fivsli cherries. Fresh peaches. Citrus nursery stoc'k and hinl wood. Ficus spp. Must be certified five from Phaf defis cerasi.

Must; be certified free from Pseud m nias citri and Spha- cdoma faired til. Must be certified free from Chry- somphalus ficus, Chryscnnplia- lus periatus. Selection of seed corn should be candidly done. Potatoes may now be ] la.

This is the best month for rett ing flaY. Land should be ] loughed now' if Jiot alnMdy done for next year's ero]. Lire HUfck. Kures a. V iticffai'd. Vi'ifitiddr iurdcti. Transidant leek and celery. Fftrtn Fmps. AVherever possible, the thix should be taken out of the ret and put in an upright position, in lines, say four feet apart. Lire StncI :. Floivcr uirdrn. Ehrysantlieinuins require special attention.

Continue control iniMisures against- insect jiests and diseases. Take I recautious for ] rotecting against hornets. Farn Fnrjhs. Fnuf Uu'dni. All almonds must be gatluTed before the end of this mojith and all fallen almonds should be jueked U] from the ground. Finish rejiolting of jdants. A fjiarif. Fare should be taken to see that the cpieeii is not on the comb when this operation is being carried out. Meteorological Data, Cyprus. MAHClf, 1H I Tnkoukkia G1 The Cyprus Agricultural Journal.

APEIL, Sliiidc tenipi'ndure liaiiifall 1 listl'icl Mean — y. IU Sait las ! All charges jiayable in advance. For Wants. These charges include insertion in the English, Gi't'ek and Turkish issues. The Editor does not necessarily endorse the statements or opinions expressed in contributed articles, the responsiliility for which rests with the authors. The Cyprus Agricultural Journal Advertisements.

They were just emerging from a. It- was, therefore, a time for fmilding u] the health of the peojile, and in that Bovril might play a very useful part. Name, Waterkoscie Station, Lefkoniko. Moleskin Athalassa. Mazarin Famagusta. Corby Bridge. Canterbury Paphos. Life Line. Marcher Lord. Friars Flutter. Boars on Loan. Amarghotii Owner, Dimitris Michael. Dionyssios N. As the result of jw-evious dry years underground water supjelies are seriously diminished and in spite of tine rainfall in the early months of t he year are frequently less t han at the same ] eriod in 11 3.

Tuber moth made its appearance as usual as the weather became warmer. For similar reasons the cotton crop will not be large but where it has not been affected by drought or hot winds piality is expected to be good. This farm was started in and has been h-vcloped entirely by Mr.

Barrett is settling at F'amagusta and tlie best wishes of his numerous friends within and outside- t. Davidson, the Mechanic in diarge of Threshing Machinery, left the Department. Thn-e suece-ssful Agricult ural Shows have been held : at Dherinia on 1. Others projected during this y -a,r aie at. Yialousa for t obacco and broom corn on 28th October and at.

Kyrenia and Morphou later in the season. It is regrettable that these low prices for silk rendered it inijmssibh- for the Filature to offer an attract, ive price for cocoons and tin- factory has remained closed this season. Fumigation of all trees in the infested area was promptly undert aken by the Agricultural Department and the pest has been checked.

It is hoped that it has been eradicated, but this cannot yet. There has been no appearance of Peronospora. With the exception of the results of drought and sunburn all other losses were of a prcA entable nature and growers should rememf er that, because lor climatic or other 70 The Cyprus Aqrioultural Journal. The ripening of grapes is eousiderahly iarlier than last year. Kaisin making commenced on 18th August and wine making during the first, week of September.

There are now 28 haths of wliieh five aie in Nicosia District. Seven of these haths have been juovided at. During April, May and dune of this year over , animals were vaccinated by the veterinary staff. Outbreaks of the disease during July and August , in which months the mortalit y has usually been most scnere, have been very rare.

Vatili Stud Stables. Dankh, Asst. Umsenmtor of Forrsts, IJtilizatio'n Officer. Tins is a subject which has been receiving consi leral le attention recently, in view of the threatening timber famine. Nearly all modern interior work is treated with polish, ] aints, varnishes, etc.

This decomposed material goes to form what is generally known as humus. The wood substaiu'e, or tissue, is the food sup] ly of these insects and deleterious fungi. I propose to discuss several methods of Wood Preserxation which might be of use in Cyiirus. Technicalities have been avoided, wherever possible. This is probably the oldest method of protecting timber from decay. It is very y robable that the primitive man knew of it when he hardened the y oint of his wooden sy ear in the lire.

This means that the outer layers of the wood are charcoal which is not attacked by fungi or insects. The inner layers are thus y rotected from any injury. Destructive distillation is set up where the heat is sufficiently high, Lc. This pyroliqueous acid so formed is in itself a fairly powerful preservative agent and is extremely toxic to fungi.

Bhitsh Treatment. This form of treatment is probably used more extensively tluui any other sui eiiicial metlnxl. As the name suggests, it consists in merely ap] lying the preservative to the surface of the wood l y means of a brush. Preservatives have always better powers The Cyprus Agricultural Journal. Even under favouralde circumstances it will he found that the preservaiive rarely penetrates more than J of an inch. Paint s, varnishes, enamels, etc. Even tlum the General Manager, Railway, find it profitable to recondition certain of these sU'cpers in order to i rolong their utilit y.

Rarrel of Hitumen Solution costs 30, v. This amount of solution is sufficient to jiaint between 8r M 00 sleejiers. Size of sh'cpers, o' X tt" X 1". Bitumen solution. Dipping ok Simplk Immkksion Processes. There is always a. In many instances it is not necessary to submergi' the wdiole piece of timber, e. In such instancies it is only necessary to treat that part which comes into intimate contact with the ground.

Dipping is safer and surer than brash treatment and in general yields mucli better results. I propose to enumerate a few of the more important in common usage in various countries. It may even be found that two nudhods may be employed together. The strength of the solution is usually 1 A suitable storage tank should be adjacent, fitted with a i ump so that the preservative may be pumped into or out of the tank. The timber is placed in the tank and arranged as previously described. The creosote or other preservative is then admitted until it covers the timber to a depth of say allowances must always be made for the exi ansion of oils.

The steam coils The Cyprtjs Agricultural Journal. The posts are allowed to stand in a strong solution of lime water until required. The N'ast. Diseases of Cereals. Nattuass, torerfihH'Hl M jir do jist. While the ] lant is still very young and before it aj ] ears above ground it beeonies infc'ctiMl by the aelual p uietra.

At Ibis stage then', is a burst of activity on tlu' part of I lie fungus ; it seizes uyion the food material which would normally go to tlu' swelling of the grain and produces the black mass of sjiores which rcjilace the healthy grain. The left-hand illustration shows a head of barley ufteetod by the Covered Smut ; the black spore masses are held together by the scales. To achieve this it is sutticiimt to treat the grain with a suitable ] oisoii. A well-known method is the formalin treatment.

During the ] ast season a. This causes no damage to the tree. Pears and apples also recpiire to be thinned. A trade rexiort on the juice is as follows : — Storage. IShortly aftor storing, the sample preserved with parts of S02 per million and pasteurized, became fermented. Quality for beverage purposes. The addition of a little citric acid did not bring out any fruit flavour. The present samples of juice, however, are so lacking in any characteristic fruit flavour that it seems extremely unlikely that such material would be acceptable to the trade in this country.

The greater part of the balance are exported from Egypt and riolland. As a British Colony and so receiving preference, Cyprus is in a favourable position to compete for this trade. Prodindion is, however, in excess of demand and prices arc not likely to be high in the near future. Onions for export must be dry and hard and should be kept so by exposure to air while in storage and in transit and they should be kept as cool as possible.

Dutch onions are packed in bags containing 1 cwt. They should be packed in 10 oz. Hessian bags. They should be well ripened before export. About lb. There is little demand for onions in the United Kingdom before October. Importance of Cereal Seed Selection by the Pupils. By' M. Papaiacovou, Superintendent, School Gardens. Cereal seed selection in an agricultural country like Cyprus is of the very greatest importance as it admittedly contributes to the increase of production at.

Our industrious farmers knowing this only too well, apply, most of them, the selection of seed either by sieving the grain or dressing it by means of the grading and dressing machine. The best method, however, of seed selection is by choosing, prior to reaping, of the largest, perfifctest and healthiest ear-heads which are selected from amongst the.

From the ear-heads to be thus seU'cted we cut ofl' both edges, retaining the middle part which contains the healthiest and stoutest grain. The Cyprus Agric? Slow aiding fertilizers such as su] er- phosphates mav be apiilied before the seed is sown and nit rogenous lertiliziu's may be addl'd after sowing if tin' weather is moist. Potatoes should bi' hoed and earthed uj.

Harvesting and retting of hemp should be started. Any ewes or goat s w hich abort should be separated from t he healthy animals for at h'ast two w eeks. Regulate the food according to the amount of work the animals are doing. All walls and ceiling should be plastered with gypsum so that there are no cracks or holes in which ticks and other vermin can breed and live.

Fruit fly traps should be transfernMl to citrus trees as the fig crop is gathered. Traps should specially be i laced on mandarine and thin-skinned orange trees as these are most readily attached by the fly. If the weather is still dry, irriga- tion should not be discontinued particularly of the citrus trees. Transi lant broccoli ; earth up celeries. Pot bulbs or plant outdoors tulips, U'ocus and fresias. Go through each hive in the apiary and remove the defective combs free from brood, honey and pollen.

Take note of the hives that- are in need of winter stores and tind out whether every hive is headed with a good queen and is in possession of some brood. Make the top and sides rain-proof and leave the bees quiet to hibernate without any further interference till spring.

The Ctpeits Aqricxjltueal Journal. Farm 'rops. If good rains have fallen in letober allow the weeds to eome uj on land intended for wheat and plough in the weeds before sowing the wheat. Pot atoes api roaeh maturity and early u-ops are raised, lathering of cotton shoidd be completed during this month, although if sowing was done early, it.

Bolls still unripe towards the end of this month are not worth troubling about, as they are sure to be damaged by boll worms and will not ripen so late in the season and should be de. At this season, the flocks are in low condition as a result, of shortage of food during the summer months, and they are. St rict cleanliness and freedom from ticks and lice are the essent ial favd.

Oontinue sowing broad beans, spinach, radish, peas and lettuce. Transplant lettuce seedlings. Flower beds renewed, manured and prepared for transplanting spring flowering seedlings. Tie together the canes of the vines if they interfere with the work.

Dig round the stent of the vines and prune superficial roots so as to encourage 88 The Cyprus Aoriculturae Journal. Transports animal nninure t. Wheat sowing shouhl be earned out this month if e-limatJe and soil conditions are favourable. Potatoes reaeh maturing this month and shouhl be raised. December is the latest jnonth during which local varieties of flax should be sown.

Tf it is impossibh' to give them this exeivise, care should be taken to reduce the ration of beans, vet. If cases of abortion occur, the fact shouhl be rei orted to the Veterinary Service who will advise remedial measures. Mandras should be well-sheltered with good slope for easy drainage, ajid they shouhl be kept as clean as possible. Avoid this work on windy or cold days. Holes shouhl be opened in advance of transplanting.

Staking after planting is essential, especially if the trees are of any size. Continue attention to fruit fly traps and destruction of fallen fruit. The Ctpeus Agricultural Journal. Flower Garden , — Give special at-leiition to bulbs. ITse animal manure where necessary. Continue pre] aration of tbie land for new plantations.

JUNE, ISliade tenipeiature i Rainfall District ; Mean j! Paphos IH Famagusta District : i Famagusta IO PaphoH District : 1. K 8 Limassol District : Limassol i Contributions are invited, written on one side of the paper only It should be understood that nnacee] te l manuscripts can not be returned unless postage is prejiaid.

As special elforts are being made to increase the circulation of the Journal in the Colony and Overseas it may be regarded as a valuable medium for advertising. Advertisements should be written on one side of the paper only, and should reach the Editor, Cyprus Agricultural Jownal, not later than the loth of the month of issue. Cullis and A. Madon — Hutcinns — ITowin — Bellamy and A. J idves- Browne — Morris K. Gennadi ns — Annual Reports Governor's to 20 0 3 do.

Talbot and F. Cape — There is also an im rovement in the juality and production of sun-dried raisins. Other Fruit Trees.. At this lime of the year the atta. It has been decided that Pedhoulas is the most suitable place for this hibernation owing to the temperature there being relatively constant and this village is conveniently accessible for the purpose.

The da. Appointment of Manaot:k, Stoc'K Farm. Maule assumed duties at Athalassa on the 27tli September, Pigs and Poultry for Athat. The boars have been wSi ecially selected from herds of repute for use as Stud Boars in Cyprus. Amongst the new imiiorted poultry are included : — 1 pen of Rhode Island Reds.

I pen of White Leghorns. Each pen consists of one cockerel and eight pullets. Christoforos Loizou and Ceorge Nu'olaou. Evrykhou and Eylenja. Ara-dhippou and Kiti. Kara vas. The production of the previous year was 69J okes and 42 okes respectively.

These satisfaetory results clearly demoiislrale the value of this work in assisting to improve the standard of production amongst the cocoon producers in the villages. As from 1st January, 11 35, certain changes in the titles of the Agrhiultural Field Staff will be brought into etfecd. Agricultural Su] erii]tendents, will be graded as Agricultural Officers.

Report on Psyllium Seed from Cyprus. By the Imperial Ijnstitute. The seed luol been grown at the Vntral Experimental Farm, and it was desired to ascertain its juality and commercial value. The sample weighed LMlt. Results of Examination. Preadili approx. Wright of seeds m m. Present sample.

Commercial samples : —. The swelling factors of these four samples were determined by H. The seed was submitted to the two firms of importers in London who re] orted on the previous samjile received in The iirst firm furnished the following observations : — We would say that this com] ares very favourably with the Freiuti sccmI. Hand fed goats of selected breeds give 14 to 2 okes milk daily. Cypetts Agricitltukal Jouukat.. The process of manufacture is the same as for kefalotiri until the cutting of the curd.

The Paphos cheese nunains in the moulds for one day after which it is removed and rubbed with salt and placed in the sun to dry. KSheej milk when fresh and dean is 'onsidered the best milk for making yiagourt. Cheese is the only product exported from Cyprus.

This product is mainly dependent on exports to Egyi t but fair quantities are exported to Syria, United States of Americ'a, Sudan and other destinations. ValiK' r Quantity ew t V. The increased imports of cheese were mainly from Bulgaria during the drought years , and to replace the shortage in the local product brought about on account of the lack of milk supplies, at the same time there is a tendency for imported cheese to replace the local produce.

The Eegulations for the control of milk and milk products are enacted under the Sale of Food and Drugs Law, Very considerable improvements have taken place in the hygienic housing and management of milking cows and in the distribution of their milk. There is increasing interest in the proper cooling and bottling of the milk.

All cows in registered dairies are tested regularly for tuberculosis and only one reactor was discovered during the past three years. This work is now carried out only by those who have provided a special room or rooms, with proper drainage, fly-proof doors and windows, sufficient lighting and dean fittings and utensils. Three Agricultural Shows have been held since the issue of the September Journal. The tobacco classes of exhibits were for baled and unbaled yellow leaf and Latakia types of tobacco.

Home of the exhibitors from Lefkoniko secmred a number of prizes for their yellow leaf tobacco. Most of the j rize winners were Yialousa tobacco growers but exhibitors from Kizokarpaso, Trikomo, Ayios Symeon and Lysi, ligured in the prize list.

Mules at Lysi Agricultural Show. Demetriades, the Mayor, spared no efforts to make the show a success. Citrus fruits, carobs and olive-oil figured prominently in the exhibits, while the entries for cereals and vegetables were small. The animal exhibits although few in number in each class created a good deal of interest. The Morphou Show was success- fully organized by Mr. Exhibits were well representative of the Morphou area.

Cereals and exhibits of flour were well represented, other exhibits included citrus, beans, cumin, vegetables, ohve-oil, nuts, various fruits and honey. There were special sections for embroidery and lace work as well as furniture and agricultural implements. The various animals were fairly well represented. At the Kyrenia and Morphou Shows, officers of the Veterinary, Entomological and Mycological branches of the Agricultural Department were available to give information and advice to farmers.

Citrus Trial at Morphou. It has long been felt that systematic work on some of the commoner problems ionfronting citrus growers should be started, but, save for the establisliment of a trial at Famagusta a few years ago, lack of sufficient laud and a good supply of irrigation water in any of the other district stations of the Department has prevented such work from going forward.

The discovery of a good supply of irrigation water at the Central Experimental Farm, Morphou, has now to a large extent removed these obstacles and preparations are being made to lay down a trial designed to answer questions as to frequency of irrigation, planting distance, the advantages or otherwise as a stock of the bitter orange citrus aurantium over the sweet lime — or sweet lemon as it is known locally citrus aurantifolia.

In addition the trial will be so planned as to make possible the carrying out of fertilizer trials when the trees are in full bearing. The trial as at present planned will cover some 30 donums of land and will be situated at the Central Experimental Farm, which is destined eventually to beenme the chief experimental station of the Department, being itself in the centre of a rapidly developing citrus growing area.

The plan of the trial which is rather complex in character consists of 8 irrigation blocks each containing 4 plots for a planting distance trial with each plot sub-divided for the stock and manorial trial. It was drawn up with the kind co-operation of Mr. Hoblyn, of East Mailing Research Station, who placed his wide experience of horticultural experimentation at the disposal of the Department and who also kindly offered t-o come to our assistance should difficulties arise later on.

Very careful preparation of the young trees upon which the trial is to be based is an essential step, because any lack of uniformity in the performance of this material would be responsible for an uncontrolled factor in the inherent variation of the trees themselves. Such variation was the cause of failure to secure significant results in the earlier attempts at. Clearly, if we are to judge the effect of different treatments, different planting distances, different stocks and different irrigations, we must be sure as far as is possible under present conditions, that the trees would show a uniform performance if planted the same dist ance apart, on the same stocks and under the same conditions of irrigation and manuring.

No technique is at present known for the production of citrus stocks on a large scale by vegetative methods such as is possible with most types of deciduous fruit trees, otherwise the raising of a uniform batch of citrus stocks would be a much more simple matter than it now is. For want of a better method recourse is, therefore, had to rigorous stock selection, in every phase of nursery growth and also to bud selection, to secure as near as possible uniform trees.

Both the bitter orange and sweet hme seed to be used will be taken from the fruit from single trees of each type which are carrying large crops of uniform good quality fruit, free from disease and true to type. Prom the time of sowing in the seed bed, a careful watch will be kept on the young seedlings for any sign of variation and all variable types and those with twisted roots will be discarded at the time of planting out in the nursery rows.

A further selection will be made before budding, and any of the trees which have developed a tendency to variation since planting out in the nursery will also be discarded. Ati the titne of budding only plump well formed buds from mature wood will be used and such buds will only be taken from trees which have been under observation for quality and production. Apoplexy or Vine Stroke. Antoniades, Vifindtiirist and Wine Expert. In the early summer of t his year cases of apoph'xy or stroke of the vine were oltserved to occur on a larger scale than in former years.

This wilting may be observed on a part of the whole of the vine and the] arts so afTected die off. Vine growers were alarmed at the number of vines so affected this year and many specimens were submitted for identilication and advice as to treatment.. Partially damaged vines where the wilting has not advanced too far should have all the dead wood carefully pruned during winter or pruning time. The damaged wood should be cut up to the live part of the stem.

The cut stem should be treated with a solution of tar so as to prevent the entry of any fungus disease which inay cause the decay of the whole plant, Thb Ctpeus Agricultural Journal. Ill Statement showing production of Silk Cocoons and Silk during the year H57 51 81 2, 3, Famagusta SO 20, 2, 21, Paphos..

Cyprus Silk Filature being closed for the year. Summary of Observations at Eepresentative Stations. Total inches No. H7 Nicosia District : Nicosia 85 84 Hl Saittas — 0. Mornhou Makneras Faniaijusta District Famagusta Kizokiiroaso liefkoniKo Paphos District : Paphos Polis Kyreiiia District : Ky re Ilia Note. I Minim. Nearly 6, Doctors and 1, Hospital Matrons accepted the invitation of Bovril Limited to visit and inspect their London Factory on 13th, 15th and 16th November.

Even the remote Orkney Islands were represented. The whole processes of manufacture were shown to the visitors, from the large pans each holding the concentrat ed juices of Oxen to the familiar bottles, jars and tins which leave the Factory. Hygiene is the keynote of the Factory. While fine cattle are being tended on up-to-date ranches in Australia and Argentina, and hundreds of employees are turning them into concentrated nourishmept, white-coated chemists are constantly testing and analysing in laboratories behind the scenes.

The Duke emphasized the modern, scientific methods by which Bovril is manufactured. An interesting display of recent Medical films formed part of the programme. Large stock kept permanently. For further particulars as to prices, etc. Jarusaicn'i, Nablouj? Haida, Tnpcdi, jdbb. Head Office: — Athens. Bucarest : , Calea Victoriei. Cyprus, Breeding and Management of. For further 'particulars as to prices, etc.

Kyrenia Range. The situation from the point of view of production continues to improve. Natural herbage is plentiful in all areas and animals an' in a satisfactory condition. In certain areas there has been an excess of moisture to the detriment of cereals and the preparation of land for potatoes but the general conditions are good. Vines and the permanent crops such as cereals, olives and almonds will benefit greatly from the good rains after the effects of the previous three drought years.

Conference of Agricultural Officers. A series of meetings were held commencing on Monday, 14th January, of which the following was the programme : — Monday, 14th, 2. Opening and talk by Director of Agriculture. Tuesday, 15th, 8. Lectures and demonstrations by Entomologist and Staff. Wednesday, 16th, 8. Lecture and demonstrations by Manager, Stock Farm, including visit to Athalassa. Thursday, 17th, 8. Lectures and demonstration by Mycologist and Staff. Friday, 18th, 8. Saturday, 19th, 8. Final session.

Opportunity was given for general discussion of any points which officers wished to raise in connection with their work. A Veterinary Staff course was also arranged by the Chief Veterinary Officer during the previous week for the Stock Inspectors and other officers of the Veterinary branch.

The Director of Agriculture and Mrs. Symeontdes, Inspector of Agriculture. Symeonides, Inspector of Agriculture, retired from the Public Service on the 6th February, , on reaching the age limit. Zarifi, M. Prior to that date Mr. Zarifi had 44 years' service in the Cyprus Civil Service to his credit.

Surridge, Commissioner, Larnaca. Butler, Chief trader and Inspector of Produce, assumed his duties on the 1st February, Butler, who was Grader and Inspector, Agricultural Department, Kenya, will be in charge of the grading and inspection service recently reorganiz. A newJseriesTof Agricultural Leaflets is in course of preparation.

These Leaflets will deal with all the main agricultural crops and products of Cyprus. The primary object of this series of Leaflets is to supply schoolmasters with the necessary information for teaching agriculture in rural schools. Some of the more important Leaflets will be published in the first instance in the Journal and reprinted for circulation. Many new Agricultural Societies are being formed in village centres. These Societies are formed with the object of improving the agriculture of the particular village in which the Society is organized, for arranging lectures and demonstrations to their members and in many other ways promoting agricultural progress.

The j rize will be awarded to the Society or Club showing the most activity from the agricultural standjjoint luring the year. A Central Committee will award the prize. The award will take the form of a cup which will be competed for annually. Orancje Day Celebrations at Famaotsta. The programme includ Hl a memorial service at St. Oranges and orange juice were freely dispemsed to all those attending any of the items on the programme of events and from well arranged and decorated stalls yJaced at various j oints in the streets.

Exports of Citrus Fruits. Up to the 15th February, , the shipment of oranges to the United Kingdom this season was 44, boxes as compared with 43, boxes for the same period during the previous year. The arrangement made by importers for shipping and stowage of the fruit on board ship have been far from satisfactory this year. Cyprus Tobaouo Stocks. The quantity of the crop tobaccos, composed of Yellow Leaf and Fumigated Latakia still available in the Island is estimated to be around ,0 K okes.

Silkworm Rkarino in Cirls' Schools. The Agricultural Department has supplied one dram of silkworm eggs to each of girls' schools wheni rearing of the silkworms will be carried out by the eldcT girls under the supervision of the mistresses. Visits will also be paid to the schools by the Sericultural Officers of the Department to give further instruction. Silkworm Egg Production. Licences have so far been issued to 21 rearers to enable them to produce silkworm eggs during the season.

This is a decrease of 6 compared with , but it is anticipated that one or two further licences will be issued. The amount of silkworm eggs available for the season is 4, ozs. This amount of seed is the smallest which has bt'cn available for many years and is less than the quantity actually used in The seed was hibernated at Pedhoulas and was removed from hibi'rnation on 20th February, Bean Aphis.

Fungus Diseases. The present season has been exceptionally favourable to fungus diseases. There are already indications of the possibility of serious and widespread epidemic. At the time of going to press the barley and broad bean crops are the chief sufferers. Powdery mildew of barley is prevalent in all districts and may do serious damage i efore the dry weather sets in. Much of the withering of the outer leaves of the young plants is caused by the fungus known as septoria passerinii.

Leaf Strijie and Net Blotch, caused by species of the fungm Helminthosporium, has already been seen in many fields. Many diseases are carried in or on the seed which produces a few diseased plants. These arc a source of infection and in a favourable season may start an epidemic. If favourable weather conditions continue into the late spring it will be advisable to carry out routine spraying with a copper fungicide. Home-made Bordeaux or one of the proprietory spray mixture's may be used.

Full particulars of the method of making Bordeaux Mixture and the application of the spray is given in the Department's Leaflet No. If the disease makes its appearance all growers should at once spray their vines. If it is desired to spray at the same time with lead arsenate against Eudemis the lead arsenate powder may be added to the Bordeaux in the usual proportion used in spraying, i. Wastage of citrus fruits in transit this year has lieen greater than in the previous seasons.

Once these are ruptured the fruit is readily attacked by the fungus. Special care must be taken this season to see that the fruit is not bruised or scratched during the picking and storing before wilting has been effected. All fruit should be clipped a second time to ensure that no jxirtion of the stalk projects in contact.

The worker's finger nails must be kept short and the wearing of gloves might be considered as a practical proposition. The Effect of Natural and other Factors on Development. Pitcairn, Assistant Director of Agriculture. There are many tempiTate and sub-tropical crops and as the resources of the Island arc essentially agricultural, the rural communities which are established over the whole of the Island, except on the forest reserves, produce the commodity most suited to conditions of their area but distribution of the crops grown is mainly determined by the natural features of temperature, rainfall and soil.

In the plains, arable farming is practised and winter, spring and summer crops are grown with or without irrigation. Almonds are grown in the drier parts and deciduous and other fruits in various parts of the mountains and plains. Animal husbandry forms an integral part of the agricultural activities of the farmer and the classes of animals kept are cattle for draught purposes and for export ; horses, mules and donkeys for transport work and export : sheep and goats for meat and dairying besides pigs and poultry.

Natural grazing is poor and certain fodder crops are produced such as maize and lucerne, to supplement the natural pastures. CJther resources of importance are sericulture, apiculture, production of essential oils and the collection of sumach.

The agricultural activities may be broadly grouped under the headings of Viticulture, Horticulture, Arable Farming and Animal Husbandry. The following notes are intended to show the effect of these various factors on the agriculture of the country. The difference in temperature between Nicosia and Troodos, the highest recording station in the mountains during the four hottest months in the year was : — Nicosia Troodos Month Mean Max.

Mean Min. Mexin Max. June July August. July and harvested in November- Dee ember. Crops such as tubacco, cotton, sesame and maize are planted in late spring or early summer and harvested before the first winter rains in October and November.

The time of planting and time of harvesting of the annual crops are strictly limited owing to the consistency of the annual month to month temperrture and it is essential that winter crops should be planted sufficiently early to allow the full growing period before premature ripening occurs and similarly with the spring and summer cro] s, before the advent of autumn conditions.

The average annual rainfall for forty years from to was Normally rains commence in October, increase in November, are heaviest in December, January and February, and decrease during March and April and light rains may continue during May, while from June to September negligible quantities only fall. Trikoukkia Paphos — — — — — inches inches inches inches January. The annual crops are practically all produced in the 15" and under zone and although the seasonal distribution is usually sufiicient for the production of winter crops, crop failures frequently occmr, if irrigation water is not available.

Irrigation is required for the production of summer crops, fodder crops and citrus , therefore, irrigation is of vital importance to Cyprus agriculture. Owing to the topography of the Island, the dry state of the land and nature of precipitation after a long dry season, a considerable amount of erosion and loss of value of the rainfall takes place annually by rapid The Cyprus Agricultural Journal.

Every effort is made to utilize this silt -laden water for irrigation by means of diverting the flood waters over the agricultural land. William Christian Bullitt, Jr. JOE d. WEBB d. JOHN F. Major General in the Marine. VID S. I Senator from W. Francisco, CA. Nov b. Feb D. Youngstown B.. Representative from Neb. McCarthy Com. Apr d. Secretariat, lnstit. May RICK d. Representative from Mich. Jul d. Jul B. Chicago politician B. May died in Paris, accused of seeking info for Dr.

Clemente, Michael L. Of Govt. LOUIS d. Barr, C. Compton B. ANNE L. COOK J. Paulie b. Fraina aka, Joseph C. Skala, Lois. Fraina b. Parole supervisor, W. Charles Rizzo, Albert. Apr B. Curran, Joe Kern b. US Congressman, Conn. RAY d. Mayor of Jackson, MS. Nov B. Police Comm. IAM P. County, NY. Deniro LCN D. CN Rep. US Atty Gen. Russian writer D. Dubois B. JOHN D.

NAUM b. ELIOT d. MARY Dr. VAN B. Euld LCN B. Delmer P. Oct D. Catholic priest D. House of Rep. Iannello LCN B. Baltimore in d. JAMES d. President of Univ. DES d. Jul ALLAN b. Representative from NJ. Chicago mob figure LCN B. Safety Razor Co. Freedman B. UJIRO b. Goldberg, mr. GARY J. DUN Chappaquiddick accident. Bader Ginsburg B. Feb B. Gromov B. PETER d. DORIS a. Green, Stanley S. Green B. Green, Samuel S. Moines, lA. MACK d. Washington lobbyist b. Aug B. May D. Mar Bureau of Sec.

Dec Candidate for Lt. EARL d. Department of State B. CHICK d. CHIC d. Hedrick B. Warden, Conn. BERT D. Mayor of Youngstown B. Board of Educ. Under Sec. White House aide D. Brookhaven Labs B. ABE d. Jun OHN B.

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Even though the FBI should consider individuals on this list to be deceased, you should include separate proof of death e. You should also mention that the individual whose files you are requesting is on the "RIDS dead list. Department of Justice. Federal Bureau of Investigation Washington, D. November 21, Deletions have been made to protect information which is exempt from disclosure, with the appropriate exemptions noted on the page next to the excision.

In addition, a deleted page information sheet was inserted in the file to indicate where pages were withheld entirely. The exemptions used to withhold information are marked below and explained on the enclosed Form OPCAa:. Section Section a. This information has been:. The FBI will correspond with you regarding this information when the consultation is finished. Department of Justice, New York Ave.

Your appeal must be received by OIP within sixty 60 days from the date of this letter in order to be considered timely. The envelope and the letter should be clearly marked "Freedom of Information Appeal. LCN B. SCOTT d. FBI SA. Staff B. LCN b. Oct B. Dec b. FRANK d. May B. Angiulo LCN B. Dec LCN aka,. Jun LCN also listed as J. Lulu SSN b. ROY L. GENE d. Jun Dr. Family b. BAIN T. Chicago mobster LCN b. LEWIS b. JOE b. Apr LCN b. GUY d. LCN Family d. Barmine, Alexandre Barmine B. CP activist, author B.

BAUM W. Nov Sept B. DIXIE b. LCN Family- Luchese b. Buddy's Clam Stand. Dec D. Congressman Communist b. Sophia Levin B. ELTON d. Family- Genovese Soldier b. Lincoln Brigade Rev. Rosenberg B. Ferguson, Fergie the Bull, lsador. Ambassador D. LCN Family- Bonanno b. MAX JR. MARY d. Apr D. Ill d. SPIKE d. Chicago mob attorney.

Seagrams B. JESS d. William Christian Bullitt, Jr. JOE d. WEBB d. JOHN F. Major General in the Marine. VID S. I Senator from W. Francisco, CA. Nov b. Feb D. Youngstown B.. Representative from Neb. McCarthy Com.

Apr d. Secretariat, lnstit. May RICK d. Representative from Mich. Jul d. Jul B. Chicago politician B. May died in Paris, accused of seeking info for Dr. Clemente, Michael L. Of Govt. LOUIS d. Barr, C. Compton B. ANNE L. COOK J. Paulie b. Fraina aka, Joseph C. Skala, Lois. Fraina b. Parole supervisor, W.

Charles Rizzo, Albert. Apr B. Curran, Joe Kern b. US Congressman, Conn. RAY d. Mayor of Jackson, MS. Nov B. Police Comm. Take for granted 6 9. Weird 7 Take place 5 Expiation 9 Sense organ 3 Stage whisper 5. Paragon 5 Sphere 3 Vortex 9 Tine 5 Ameliorated 7 Cure 6 Extremely bad 6. Down 1. Tropical bird 6 2. Asinine 7 3. Ambit 5 5. Yelled 7 6.

Relative 5 7. Mistakes 6 8. Varieties 5. Injured 7 Foreshorten 7 Barrel maker 6 Wild and savage 5 Blot 6 Flower 5 Part of a play 5. Take the first letter from each answer to spell out ONE word. The first FULL name pulled out of the hat will win their choice from the two fantastic prizes below. Closing date 15th November. Please contact us on 23 to claim your prize. Prize must be claimed before 15th November.

Thanks to Tony from Quiz Bizz for providing these questions. Tony is available to host fun and entertaining quizzes at a variety of venues. For more information, call: If you would like to offer a prize for this competition, please call our office on 23 Which English King was known as ' name The Great'? How many dots are on a standard die 1st number? Latin confectum, and the plural of Italian confetto, small 5. Dr Christian Barnard achieved the first successful what in 1st letter 1st word?

Which was the first University in England? Complete the name of the film starring Vin Diesel? Return of X……. In which country was 'The Battle of El Alamein' fought? If your name appears here as a winner, please call us on 23 to claim your prize.

Claims must be made before 15th November. I was once asked what custard was. After taking a small bow my reward was a restrained round of applause from a wide eyed audience, but alas no Oscar Nomination or indeed any poppadoms.

Back in those days, if at a loose end and in a mischievous mood, I would cruise around local convenience stores on wet afternoons; where to my shame I would make perverse enquiries about the availability of mango chutney in their respective emporiums.

One obliging Cypriot shop owner invited me around the counter to have a seat while she phoned her sister who used to live at Ealing Common so of course must be au fait with such chutney mysteries. Anyhow, I digress. Let us return to the search for the meaning of life, sorry I mean suet. Pass the salad please. By Clive Gardner. Truth be told he had had a few too many and started boasting that he was going to fatten one up for his Christmas dinner.

His mates egged him on and before he knew it he was heading home with the scrawniest piglet that there ever was. Each day Gerry spent more and more time with the pig. He named it Christmas Dinner, Chris for short. He got to know the pig and would spend hours talking to it and the pig listened.

Gerry felt more comfortable in the sty than he did in the house. Gerry would sit in the straw with a bottle or three of Guinness and gently scratch the pigs hairy back. The pig would fall asleep contented and give just the occasional grunt of pleasure. As they had bets on what the pig would weigh in at on Christmas day they determined to go and see how Gerry was. More than once Gerry had caught her staring over the sty gate with a paper in one hand with the oven dimensions written on and a tape measure in the other.

The big day arrived. She had on her bloodstained off white overall and carried the butchering knife. Contributions should be submitted no later than the 5th of the month prior to print. Max words. Movie Review: Hidden Figures The phenomenal true story of the black female mathematicians at NASA whose calculations helped fuel some of America's greatest achievements in space. Now a major motion picture starring Taraji P. Among these problem solvers were a group of exceptionally talented African American women, some of the brightest minds of their generation.

Originally relegated to teaching math in the South's segregated public schools, they were called into service during the labour shortages of World War II, when America's aeronautics industry was in dire need of anyone who had the right stuff. Suddenly these overlooked math whizzes had shots at jobs worthy of their skills, and they answered Uncle Sam's call, moving to Hampton, Virginia, and the fascinating, high-energy world of the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory.

Even as Virginia's Jim Crow laws required them to be segregated from their white counterparts, the women of Langley's all-black West Computing group helped America achieve one of the things it desired most: a decisive victory over the Soviet Union in the Cold War and complete domination of the heavens.

It chronicles their careers over nearly three decades as they faced challenges, forged alliances, and used their intellects to change their own lives - and their country's future. Book Review: The River at Night, by Erica Ferencik Four women have been getting together for a few days every year to cut loose and relieve the pressure of bad jobs, worse marriages, deaths in the family and cancer scares. Winifred, the narrator of Ferencik's heart-pounding debut novel, is skeptical of this year's jaunt, which will take the foursome deep into the Maine woods for some white-water rafting.

But Pia, the group's game-for-anything leader, is determined to brave the wild, and their hunky tour guide is confident they can handle whatever the Winnegosset River can throw at them. This time around, though, that's trouble. The fact that one of the friends is an ER nurse hints that things will go badly, but Ferencik's novel overflows with surprises, from the extreme brutality of the river to the cruelty of some menacing off-the-gridders who cross the path of Winifred and her friends.

The best surprise of The River at Night, though, is how it rejects any sweethearted notions of tested sisterhood in favour of a survival tale bolstered by Ferencik's writing, which captures both the beauty and danger of the wild, "where for miles around creatures with eyes built for darkness stared, with paws made for silence crept, smelling us in all our fear and soft humanity. Rub shoulders and network with many people, some of them not your usual types. Restlessness and a big appetite for excitement could strike on the 13th.

The urge may not last long, but it could derail your thought processes for a while. Hang on and let trusted friends be your anchors and advisers. The 25th sets you up to be the shining star at work for the next few weeks. Step up, speak up, and dazzle with your success rate. You know how to do things right. The 3rd brings romantic opportunities and dreams. Protect your feelings. An unexpected challenge could arise around the 12th.

It could be inconsequential, but there's the risk of overreacting. If you feel overwhelmed, step back and give yourself more space. You've got this! You could start to study a new language or connect with an exotic someone new to round out your current experiences.

A different part of your own country qualifies as exotic. You're always a good sport but there's no mistaking that you really want to win! Tears of happiness and sadness both have strong abilities to heal you. The full moon lights up your financial situation. If you see eye to eye with a special someone now, it could be for keeps. The full moon is invigorating! Water the plants, groom the pet, wash the car - whatever makes you happy.

The 12th brings you romance in a big way. If you're secretly looking for a more daring, adventurous relationship, it could be here. High culture and fine arts are more appealing on the 7th. The full moon brings massive fun and games your way. Even if you spend the time alone, you'll find ways to be joyful, creative, and thrilled. A friend might drop in unexpectedly for a visit. Tend to several loose ends at home and feel virtuous. However, don't imagine changes that don't need to be made.

If something works, pat it on the head and move on to the next thing. Dreams and desires could submerge you on the 1st. Go easy. Perk up your home or have a nice big party or family gathering on the 15th. Fun, food and amusement are all highlighted now. Work may try to interfere, but you can handle that. Your inner child may make a break for it on the 26th.

You might need more childlike pleasures - you deserve the comfort and reassurance they bring. Go ahead - dance and run in the rain, if only in your imagination. Graciously take control of a difficult situation on the 4th. You have fun with bright ideas for how to spend time with your friends on the 6th. Your heart may want to do something big and adventurous, but it might be better if you stick closer to home.

Having things right at home takes on an almost exaggerated importance. It can be one small but non-negotiable thing, like the right coffee mug with the right coaster under it. You know what you want! You may find yourself wanting to be more socially active on the 7th. Surround yourself with friends. Someone else may discover or learn a detail that you need in order to clarify a small monetary mystery. You could receive a gift, too. Friends and local family mean a lot on the 12th.

You may be thinking globally, but neighbourhood concerns and pleasures deserve more attention and will be more satisfying. Find something - or someone new to love right around the corner. Social interactions increase on the 7th. You could start getting a lot more interesting invitations. Your love life could see some rock and roll under the Full Moon. You may want the excitement and distraction, too. Make it fun and give yourself credit. You're fun to be with, after all.

A crazy comment from a friend or loved one could spark a train of thought that leads you to a lucrative hobby or a small-scale service. If tension builds, you'll deal easily with everything on the 8th. The Full Moon makes your soul restless for a dramatic shift or escape from the daily drabness. Rather than emotionally running off, cultivate some personal quiet time. You'll find a lot of wonderful, generous, clever ideas to explore. Dream an old answer to a new problem.

You can probably update and tweak it now to great effect. You have the advantage in any dispute on the 2nd. Play nice! Social life ignites and you could get invitations from an unlikely or surprising organisation or group. If it seems like fun and isn't too reckless, consider it.

Your mind is simmering with brilliant insights around the 18th. Discuss it with a trusted special someone and find that life suddenly makes much better sense. There could also be a spiritual insight that opens your eyes. November starts out sweet but tension could mount as unexpected small problems arise. Be prepared and don't get knocked off balance. The 15th may bring a radical change at work. Be secure in your own talents, skills, and perceptions.

You need not go along with someone else's power trip. Social life gets fresh and new around the 30th. Let someone take you somewhere special. Meet a whole new set of fascinating people. We dont really get to experience the changing of the leaves here like you do in other parts of the world so I thought we could make our own Autumn leaves.

When I first started this craft with the kids I wasnt really sure where we were going with it, it was more about getting them to uderstand how the leaves change and to show them the colours that can be found, but then I had a flash of inspiration and our Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights were created.

Sam Barnes is primarily a stay at home mum of two, who has loved crafting for many years. She has her own arts and craft Facebook page at: www. You can also contact Sam by email at: tinyacornscreativity gmail. Luckily we are still quite sunny so this shouldnt take long although I did leave ours overnight to make sure 6 Use your Autumn paint colours to paint your clay leaves 7 Once the paint is dry get your fairy lights and poke a single bulb though each leaf depending on your build size you may need to add a spot of glue to hold it in place Thats it!

Everything that your child should love - clay, paint, and then a pretty piece to display in the home and show off. Ours has been up all Autumn so far and I absolutely love it! It will definitely be out again next year and I will probably look at getting the kids to make another one with a winter feel to it too.

Cramp Many people have experienced cramps at some point whether during the day or in the middle of the night. They are common and occur when muscles involuntarily contract and cannot relax. The most notorious sites for cramps are the calves, thighs and arch of the foot. Cramps in the hands, arms, abdomen and along the rib cage are also very common. Some common causes of muscle cramps, are insufficient stretching before exercise, exercising in the heat, and muscle fatigue.

Athletes who become fatigued and dehydrated while participating in warm-weather sports frequently develop muscle cramps. Imbalances in the levels of electrolytes in the blood, such as sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and phosphate, can also lead to muscle cramps. Symptoms — The muscles in the affected part of the body suddenly become tight and painful due to an involuntary contracting or shortening of the affected muscle or group of muscles.

This is known as a spasm and the muscle cannot be controlled. Cramps can last from a few seconds to 10 minutes. Once the cramp has eased, it may remain painful and tender for several hours. Causes — Leg cramps that occur for no apparent reason are called idiopathic leg cramps. Secondary leg cramps can occur as a complication or symptom from an underlying health condition.

Theories about the cause of idiopathic leg cramps include sudden restriction of blood supply to the affected muscle, abnormal nerve activity during sleep, excessive strain such as during exercise or age related shortening of the tendons. Secondary leg cramps are caused by extra weight of pregnancy, toxic build-up in liver disease, reduced salt levels due to dehydration, infections such as tetanus, post exercise while resting, neurological conditions such as motor neurone disease or peripheral neuropathy.

Excess alcohol and poor circulation also have a contributing factor. Prevention — Stretching and massaging the affected muscles regularly may help prevent cramps or reduce their frequency. If you experience cramp then stretch the muscle until the cramp stops. To book an appointment please call 40 or visit www.

The desire to look modern and stylish is absolutely normal. However, to get a complete look, it is not enough to wear a dress even from the latest collection. The fall-winter season brings with it a lot of interesting news and offers in this respect, you only have to carefully analyse the proposed ones and choose what suits you the most. A fashion accessory is an important part of any look, and a properly chosen accessory will not only complement the look but will also emphasise femininity and elegance.

Knowing what is in fashion in the coming season, you will surely look incredibly original and seductive. Massive Bracelets - A bracelet looks elegant on the hand of any woman. It is important that it complements the outfit. Fashion Sunglasses - Sunglasses are probably the accessories that will never go out of fashion and this season designers have made huge efforts.

Big Earrings - In the fall-winter season, massive earrings are fashionable, so forget about discreet and invisible jewelry and buy large items. Such earrings are presented on fashion catwalks in various designs: decorated with stones, in unusual shapes, from unexpected materials, also notice the tendency of asymmetry, which allows the wearing of different earrings according to their shape and style.

Scarves - A true fashion hit for the cold season is the fur scarf. Wide and narrow, multicolored and monochromatic, natural and artificial fur have flooded fashion podiums. Ties - Designers and stylists do not cease to amaze us. On the fashion catwalks where the collections for the season were first shown such accessories are presented in a very varied range: there are long and short ties, narrow, monochromatic and coloured for all tastes.

Headbands for Every Taste - Those who love hair accessories will definitely have a choice in the cold season. Hairbands are again fashionable. This time, designers have emphasised models of leather, fur, velvet, decorated with flowers, nails and other metal details. In the coming season fashion will be wearing long-sleeved gloves. A very interesting option, which will please the ladies who love everything that is unusual, these can be seen at Bottega Veneta. In the seasons, the massive pendants are very on trend.

The diversity is enormous and every fashionista has in her jewelry box all sorts of pendants and rings. Leather Belts - Leather belts are a fashion accessory all the time. In the coming season they are fashionable both with thin and thick straps we just have to choose the right clothing to complement this accessory!

Written by Elena Leontiou. How to Choose a Tablet The tablet computer market has come a long way since Apple introduced the iPad in early If all you want to do on your tablet is browse the Web, check e-mail, or watch movies and other streaming content, just about any model out there can probably do the job. Will it take the place of a laptop, or will you use it in addition to an existing laptop or desktop? Do you want to use your tablet for lots of gaming and movie watching, or is it for more general home use?

Android: - Seamless integration with your Google account and Play Store purchases. Windows: - Can run a variety of Windows programs, including Office. Surface Pros run a full desktop version of Windows Pairs well with Xbox. How to Choose?

Set a budget. Look at the app selection. Apps are the main point of having a tablet, and the selection of apps will dictate a lot of what your device can do. Try tablets out in a store first. Even if you're planning to buy online, see if you can try out a few different tablets at a retail store. Test to see how the tablet handles loading and closing apps, as well as switching in between open apps. Check out the camera. If you plan on taking a lot of pictures with the tablet.

Choose a size. Tablets generally come in two different sizes: inch and 7-inch. Well, this is now happening thanks to Mehmet Pasha who is responsible for forming the Larnaca Spartans — the fourth local team to play in Cyprus joining teams from Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos. Having spent 15 years in the banking business in New York and London, Mehmet had a change of career and took up sports and fitness training. He has coached many well known athletes and sportsmen but his first love is rugby union which he has played from the age of 11 at his first school in Bromley, Kent.

He has played professionally and hopes, one day soon, to pull on the Cyprus National team jersey! Mehmet reminds us that Rugby Union really seems to be going places in Cyprus with the national team having set a record by winning 24 consecutive matches. Please call him on: If there are any other local sports you would like to see included please contact me by e-mail at barrettdg yahoo. That's to say this isn't just another mainstream model that's targeted at the likes of the Hyundai Elantra and the Toyota Altis or the Ford Mondeo and the Volkswagen Passat, even if it should rightfully be so.

Instead, the slender five-door coupe with a razor-sharp name that you see here is a prim and proper Grand Turismo GT that charges into a more prestigious and desirable realm that's governed by cars like the Audi A5 Sportback and the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. You, thus, could say that the Kia Stinger is somewhat a car that comes from the most unlikely of carmakers in the business. But that doesn't mean it's putting on a pair of trainers that's a couple of sizes too big for its own good.

After all, one of the most gratifying phenomena in the car business is when a super group of engineers and designers of an underdog of a carmaker come together and make a car that's super enough to blow our minds. In this slightly exaggerated illustration, the Kia Stinger could well fit into it flawlessly.

By looks alone, the GT possesses a dynamic mixture that's harmonious and giddily frantic all at once, with its low stance, long hood and wide bodied posture that appears like it will gobble up kilometres of tarmac within seconds. The instantly recognisable 'tiger-nose' grille, sharp LED headlamps, and air intake up front give the Stinger a distinct aesthetic, while quad tailpipes at the back summarise the Stinger's strong and confidence appearance.

Speaking of strong and confident, the cabin, as we've seen during the launch, clearly shows just how much more luxurious and engaging the Stinger really is compared to the rest of the cars in its stable. With the vibrant 7. At launch, there are three variants available - the 3. The top-of-the-line 3. To put this into a clearer perspective, the figure from the 2. Gran Coupe i. The said 3. The 2. However, the 3. Both variants are happily married to an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Source: sgcarmart. Cyprus well and truly rocked between the 4th and 11th of October when Iron Stallion Promotions brought to Cyprus some of the hottest rock tribute bands in Europe as well as a strong UK rock following! The response from the businesses and venues in the area in terms of increased trade and the response from locals who enjoyed the festival and music itself has been overwhelmingly positive, so much so that dates in early October have already been booked to repeat the festival here in Pernera, Cyprus making it even bigger and better with more UK rockers promised to attend and a fantastic new line up of bands!

To keep track of all the news go to: www. Moussaka Moussaka is a firm favourite with tourists and locals alike. A real taste of Greek-Cypriot cuisine at its finest. Try this one and you will be sure to impress friends and family. Ideal served with village salad! Dry and coat with a little flour. Leave them to drain on kitchen paper.

Fry the onions in a little oil until soft, add the meat and stir to break it up. Add the tomatoes, herbs, spices, seasoning and wine and continue to cook for about 25 minutes, or until the liquid is absorbed. For the white sauce, melt the butter in a saucepan, stir in the flour and then add warm milk gradually, whisking briskly to remove any lumps. Add salt and pepper.

When it starts to boil, remove the saucepan from the fire but continue stirring for minutes. Add the beaten eggs, continuing stirring so that the eggs are mixed into the sauce. To assemble the moussaka, use a 25x25cm baking dish.

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Today and despite the global financial crisis Maouris Oikoset continues quality and aesthetics with the it has been established as offer the best service to our customers. Physiotherapists - Chiropractors maouris ceramics nicosia betting Kinesiotherapy. Our private owned logistics center warehouse and our fleet of trucks cover all the cities in order to assist customers your products with promptness and. Photovoltaic Distributors amp Importers. Motorcycles amp Scooters Repair. Choose wisely from the Novellini. Ice Cream Manufacturers amp Workshops. PARAGRAPHHairdressers amp Barber Shop. Create spaces and atmospheres that. Our specialized salespersons and decorators are constantly trained about the new materials and market trend best value for money and one of the leading firms.

Listing Category: CERAMIC TILES. FLOOR & WALL - AGENTS & IMPORTERS. Location: NICOSIA. Address: 5, Agias Paraskevis Str. Eggomi, Nicosia. Phone:​. Directory for Nicosia – Larnaca – Limassol – Protaras – Pafos. A. MAOURI AKOUOLOGIKO KENTRO LTD; Makariou III 71B, Lemesos , L/sos; HEARING. The blue and white color scheme, and ceramic tile roof of Platia reminds PARK AMPHITHEATRE: Fdr drive overpass - Grand street exit - Bet. Polly maoUris hillier tery, during the 42th anniversary in Nicosia on July