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Gsstudio csgo betting

WP, ggs vs spart1e! When Quake is played on such a high level, spawns is the thing which can fuck up everything. But what can you do, it wouldn't be Quake without this random not so much in QL though thing. By pradda. Fraze Spartie was the best game so far, it deserves one community prize! Great games Fraze - thanks for the entertainment and better luck next time :. My English is just too poor to express how i'm imressed by Fraze play.

He just from another planet, his rockets are one of the best ive ever seen and this last game is the greatest game i've ever seen on Cure. For me he is undoubtedly a pretender for one of the awards. Edited by johnny83 at GMT, 30 November Thanks so much for the support guys, means a lot.

Although i felt like i had all 4 maps at one stage, i still found a way to lose unfortunately hehe Ggs and wp to all players! I'd like to see you destroy some faceit cups soon! Yeah i know i managed to blow games i had in the bag, sinister where if i just dropped with rl or hit a simple rail below ra i win, aero would have been much easier at also, but regardless i had the game won essentially when i was at sg and he dropped to mh, but i noobed that fight badly and lost from there, and cure i did ok to survive long, but then made a mis step and followed it up with some bad spawning to lose that too hehe oh well ill learn from it and come back better next time hopefully not lose in groups next time also :P thanks for your support man, always a pleasure to read your comments about me!

That T7 comeback in groups vs Tox You better turn up to the next DH! Try doing the same with quarter-final games and it will be triple awesome!! I know you can! Protip: On any Quake stream qlranks bot or otherwise , if you mute the game and put on some good music, you'll have a lot more fun. What this DH lacks is an open mic during breaks.

It is too dry now with empty room stream during breaks. This is precisely why everyone has such fond memories of the previous DH over other tournaments. By godjiro. Soiled meself and I don't even have the vagin Edited by godjiro at GMT, 30 November Part of it is that the 27" monitors have a higher input lag. That's what he meant by a little delay.

The 75hz vs hz thing was just a few games he had to play to get used to it. Which is probably higher than the input lag he deals with at home. Hence why he had to adjust. I guess that's how it felt for rapha and DaHang when playoff brackets were drawn. For hitsu:. Dahang's clumsiness costs him a lot of games. His rockets infight are dogshit You didn't get it. He's not on top for so long because he's lucky. By r1ddler. By thuNDa. Uh, what? First of all, I do that cause I think it's funny.

And I think those who saw the interview and those who don't will get the point. It's called sarcasm. If you find that stuff offensive, I don't know why you're on this particular site. Here, let me give you a recommendation better suited for you: www. I won't post the corresponding pic here, someone might get "offended". Google it if you want. At what minute of the twitch playback can i see this interview?

MeMe creates memes. DaHanG : rooted for you, you did good, but to it seemed it wasn't so much about execution in the end, rapha was making moves a bit better. By Cwiru. Single elimination with that line-up?

He doesn't really play anymore like he used to. He could do it again if he put the time in. Its not worth it. By m8. This is no chat box. Stop repeating words you hear on the stream,without giving any context or relevance. I'm slightly embarrassed tbh. By B4ZE. Nice choke by spartie, should've been fraze vs cepher instead :. Fuck it, man. Did you have fun playing and learn things while doing so? I hope so.

And you get to watch the rest of matches, first-hand, with no pressure of upcoming games. Unlike most of us here on ESR, who can only see on a web browser. I didn't notice a single negative comment about your guest-casting while seeing many happy thoughts about it, as well! I was referring to spartie choking against cypher on dm I think you'd do way better against cypher or if not better than just braver. I am biased tho because I was cheering for you the entire time :P.

Few weeks ago, you promised to drink a Swedish Beer for me. Someone mentioned Spart1e earlier and reminded me of this. Good Luck and Get Drunk! You aussies have some common misconceptions D:. By Laim. I really don't like Stermy as a caster. First, his voice is so depressing. Second, he is always so negative towards the losing player.

As if he is a god given gift when it comes to quake skills. I like him as a caster and he knows his stuff. He is one of the few players who plays by the book. Whatever he said was true, and I like that he was honest. By pablonzo. It's about the "won" part. ATM nobody "won" the tournament because it's still being played. But you played av3k who is a very tough opponent too, so nothing to be ashamed of : go d3m3n. Hm, true, look at k1llsen etc. My thought process was something like: "Wow, goes in so recklessly, what an arrogant move But he might just know dem0n is not so good with RL, so that explains it" :.

By exp! Why is it disappointing? It just shows the difference between high, top and top4 players and that the experimental groupstage system was an alright choice, next LAN we'll hear the whine again, hardest bracket for player x, oh so luck for player y. I think this is not a case as we probably have arrived to a point in this game evolution where coming back in a map it's almost impossible, or at least it's a lot harder compared to the past.

Hold up Is that correct? Grand Finals is only 5 games?! Grand Finals should be Bo7. Grand Final. Yeah, I just saw that, too! I am glad. I asked in chat but saw no reply, so, I came here. Thank goodness! Yes, what the hell, evil : And next map is dm13, where defeating rapha is close to impossilbe I don't think it's about preparation. Look at evil's games vs k1llsen or tox. With rapha it's a different player, at least on ztn it was :X. There's no one that can match rapha. His style is impetuous, his defense is impregnable, and he's just ferocious.

Rapha wants their hearts! He wants to eat their children! Maybe evil should start to respect rapha and not rush every item like a headless chicken. He played completely different against tox. Well deserved loss doubt he will win now :P. It would have never changed anything anyway :. Please let's not go there and try to find excuses. It was a fair game. Rapha won fairly. I agree about the admin, I just expected people using that as an excuse though :.

By zb0t. By zackie. Credit to rapha! Such fair play. Rapha seems like a really humble guy in so many ways. By Cerci. Well evil just got his ass handed to him Rapha already adapted to Evil playing style Boring match. Guess we can close the book on who's better: rapha or Evil.

All Too Izi!! By Shardik. One of the keys D broke and popped out. He tried to stick it in but it came off immediately hence second timeout. I saw the broken piece. Don't you guys get tired of doing this? Great, you just replied to me bringing the "racist" argument, now look at what we can read in your post Ok then, if you want the truth you are some retarded dumbass who cannot admit that someone is better than your alltime idol and representative of your country.

If cypher had done this to evil, everybody would laugh the same.. I didnt want to make u tilt. I just noticed it. Im not happy that a fellow human being is feeling bad, you know? I made you realize that, and then you went on with "jesus christ omg blablabla". Me, I don't have to worry about it. I'm a fuckin' beautiful baller.

By PerpetualWar. I mean, what was that ztn game at all? You assume that rapha can read your game, then you do things totally out of the ordinary to surprise him. Or at least try Everyone thinks they can predict any result because they saw how a player performed.

I would say that, like Rapha said himself, anything can happen. Evil is not bad, Rapha was just better today during their fight. And it's not because Evil lost that he did not perform well. Your vision of the game is too limited. Think about it more. Saying otherwise is pure crap. My favourite moment. Reading all the excuses and reasons fanboys will come up with. These people need to be banned, don't deserve to breathe same air as we other people who are not racist breathe. If you are pointing your finger at me, I'm not racist, but I'm curious about anything racist I have said about Russia, and its people.

By Twisp. Just when you think the bottom is reached ja ja ve ve digs his way to new depths of stupidity. I think evil need to take a brake and come back 1 month before the next LAN. By alltimeslucky. It's hard to see sadness when a player Evil is that good, and places that high in a stacked tournament. He did great!

I haven't seen any matches though. Zoot: for the last matches, please. You have great voice when you talk calmly, explaining stuff before game. But I hate ripping of my headphones because you scream like a little girl during matches. Oh well. Til next time. Another great amount of experience!

Spart1e is ready for the afterparty. The picture in picture is badass, the casting is good and the config is god tier. Please never leave quake. Cypher and Av3k. This dudes play seriously but fair. Look and learn evil. Amount of luck cypher had in that cure game was just mind boggling. What would competitive quake be without av3k and cypher? Just another boring fps really.

At least for recent tournaments. I agree with you, allthough I like to put plazama - twister in the mix and also fazz. TO ME I was also entertained by plazma - twister. Its unrefined, raw, hitting shots from sick angles, last 10 second comebacks and back and forth all games.

Those at the very top play more positional and safe whereas these guys do so much random shit that you are not used to see. Im with atomigo on this one. The final we were all expecting Really hard to say who's gonna come out on top, but they're both great champions, so I'll be happy either way. By singlebachelor. Amazing games between av3k and cypher.

Brilliant predictions, aggresive plays and most frags per ztn. Too bad avek gets so badly outaimed on hitscan nowadays. This leads to slower games and ca-style fights :. Evil, you should play like this in semis, not in bronze final. All was in Evils mind he gave up before the games start on ztn and dm He did a pair of ultra stupid errors that in no way can happen to a player of his caliber. Evil plays as if he tries to somehow undone his semi and lg his way through Avek poor body right to Superfinal.

Fucking twitch chat died and Im unable to reconnect for around 20 minutes :. I was sound asleep but when I tuned in after 5 hours it was pretty much the same. Recap: consoles, cod, gamepad, superior, graphics, poland. Magic of has made this possible. It's bo5 now again :P. Edited by mc1nder at GMT, 30 November Go figure what happened to him in semis Him and nitrino have a time-share agreement and during the semis evil had to sit it out?

Ok, I might mix things up a little bit and to make my opinion worthy I need to be twister who I'd love to do a proper analysis of that game or at least hear his opinion on it and at least rewatch that semifinal vs rapha, but hear me out. Rapha did a little bit better and won remember though that last QCon evil rapha were in final and toxicity was a bo5 decider, where evil got destroyed 20 to 5 or smth.

So I got the impression he was playing like he forgot this semis and single elimination, basically he threw the game away. Of course rapha did everything well, but it was more evil loss than rapha's win. Evil makes another dumb bold move in the first 30 seconds of the game giving away a totally free frag. By rockdaddy. Here we go Av3k didnt improve,k1llsen still only railing,tox didnt improve,spart1e worst than before , evil thinked rapha is elo guy and dahang just hadnt luck to run into rapha and lost a mindgame for time GO cHypa.

Please note: This is not a troll, this is a mathematically proven statement. True they only have each other playing at same skill level. Everyone else apart from Shase and Szarko who no longer plays can keep up with them. The rest are quite some distance below them.

By Noosh. Did detrony just hit a midair rocket when evil got the last kill :O? But it stands to reason really By belushi. I think someone needs to review the demos from Plazma vs Matr0x for potential nominations. Judging from the final map scores this series might have been a thrilla.

And imo so far Plazma is THE unexpected performer. By PerpetualWar. By Twisp. Havent been able to spec anythin today. Hows evil looking? In shape? Guys, thanks already a lot for today, after all the criticism yesterday of breaks only and few matches, I haven't found the time to get some food no thanks for that. Toilet is no problem, god bless wifi. I can't believe how Detrony always gets wrong results reported. First the tournament bracket said he won over gienon.

Now the Faceit production claims he's about to advance. He won the direct game vs Detrony, so I can't see how he can't not advance. Sorry, Detrony fans! I am so used to watching VODs that I just tried to skip the last two minutes of a map. I really need to watch more live games :. By Ffleri. Surely they won't meet until Semi's or final now they are both group winners? He has to beat rapha if he wants to win something in ql and he knows it.

I know it also. By hitsu. By user What a game! You clearly have no clue that there is a big difference between Dutch and Afrikaans African. By quaesada. That's what you want to see on an epic event like DH! Closely followed by jewish or vice versa. The fact that he's a little kid just explains some of his idiotic posts Yep, pre-recorded interviews of other players isn't really it.

Do the winner of groups play a 4th place from another group guy in the playoffs? Not exactly sure but the winner definitely avoids playing another group winner - that's how it usually works. By alltimeslucky. Click the fixture link below to see the results. How does one acquire more?

It's just a fun game in my opinion. Makes tournaments more fun, even if it isn't real money! Also, the second part of your first sentenced already happened back when I got engaged, a few years ago. It didn't work out and we broke up. However, she kept my manhood. I had exam on friday so I had to concentrate on real life. For me it's up to Tox to win against fazz and fraze in fazz vs Fraze. I think the admins decide when the "season" ends.

However, this season takes years already, so who knows when another one might come! It seems that I actually got this again this season, so No idea how it works. I think you get the back regardless of the season ending. Last season was closed by becks in or so, I got my back at least 10 times till now. That's nice, watch me go betting absolutely carelessly then!

Thats like minimum you will always have, even if you spend all. But doesn't evil have a translator with him? Who did the translation last year? He did have a translator on stage after winning the finals. Don't you mean Norwegian-Dannish-Swedish?

I can't understand much Dutch except from a few words that i learned when i studied German 12 years ago. Yeah, i mixed everything Norwegian-Dannish-Sweden seemed to me to have a kinda simular syntax. It would be funny if Av3k were a translator when interviewing Evil.

Two interviews in one and they just played each other. I have been reliably informed that the Twitch stream music playlist was obtained from a CIA agent working at Guantanamo Bay interrogation center I don't think so. It's unfortunate and since i probably wouldn't be able to threaten a stronkk dahang the top 4 shouldn't be affected I hope. I can't stress how much this sucks as its always a pleasure being at a lan event of this magnitude. Thought I might aswell post it here aswell since i've informed the admins.

Also dat new map cure is really interesting and I wanna learn it, especially after watching plazma vs twister earlier today :. By asdfasdfasdf. Yeah I liked fraze' commentary too. Maybe a little too much said sometimes but he seemed to be pretty spot on with his analysis and not just calling out shots etc.

By lepolac. By temporon. By sirax. Edited by ja ja ve ve at GMT, 29 November But it is still annoying. Tox lg is art. Don't care how far he goes. Could watch that track all day long :O. Bulat win all pov more ping. If you've seen evil v av3k then you've seen the best quake on show today so far I just realized toxjq jq are tox's names Johan Quick My mind is blown : O. I realized this two years ago and everyone made fun of me for being slow. By PopeJo. I haven't seen DaHang play yet were any of his games streamed?

Really sad ph4ntom didnt manage to get to playoffs, enjoyed both his and detronys games. Hope we get to see them again at future events. Cooller is torrenting his wisdom on Russian stream, during and inbetween matches, along with legendary shadow - it's like a fucking paradise for any oldskool Quaker!!! This thread is about what I decide it to be about. Cooller dodged, but his commentating, cool stories and funny chat with Shadow are epicness of the epicness.

GSstudio stream doesn't run some blank music screensavers, they're constantly giving out relaxed entertaining dialogs, interacting with chat on twitch and goodgame, commentating stuff I wish FaceIT allows Russian stream branch for their tourneys someday. I see, sadly english is the international language, not russian. So enjoy your little bubble while we enjoy dhw Cooller, Shadow and 4ce, along with us, Russian viewers, r enjoying a lot of dhw13, as they stream not only the official stream, but also from any source available.

And they specc'n'stream every game of interest, even switching fast from already decided, but not yet finished, into games in progress. So, what little bubble r u talking about? If cooller had gone, we all would be enjoying him too. Back to your bubble. If I understood correctly 1st tiebreaker is number of maps lost. Is it just me or do ddk and zoot not understand what a flick rail is? It seems that according to them it's any rail that hits Great aero by Cypher and DaHang.

Cypher's rail is ON, and wp by DaHang too as he had a couple of really clutch rails. By r1ddler. Yeah it is actually pretty scary. He doesn't even look shaken by anything. Scary good! By drink. Cypher looking unstoppable! We'll see. I'm not really rooting for anybody I just like to watch. So far all the big names have looked impressive but cypher and rapha are standing out. I'm hoping evil warms up a bit more and starts playing his best, dahang could still surprise!

By rockdaddy. Edited by brandan at GMT, 29 November By Jan. Sure, they miss easy shots, time an item wrong or screw up with a weapon switch, but the intensity of the game, oh my! Yes it's still exciting, but for some reason I find watching young talents like bpatela, etty, gienon, etc at least as interesting. I am calling it. Spart1e and K1llsen should have both been top seeds.

Look at it the other way around: If k1llsen loses to cypher, dahang, and evil, he surely isn't top4 material at this LAN and would have been thrown out by any of these three or avek, or rapha sooner or later anyway. Thus, not much harm done, really. Edited by drink. By supermario2k. So if Rapha and Cypher finals happen does Dahang get 3rd place automatically?

Since hes being asked to beat easily the top 2 players? Point is, with so many top contenders, those kind of clashes was bound to happen in the quarters. I just looked up what 4th place got in Dahangs group which is Kronic he faces av3k then the winner of Dem0n VS Plazma. Dahang would have had a better chance of making the semi finals by finishing 4th in his group that makes no sense to me.

Brackets are clearly not balanced on both sides. Edited by supermario2k at GMT, 29 November Well, thats an opinion, others might think that av3k is the scarier opponent after beating evil and finishing first in his group, and then it isn't as clear anymore if it would be better to play av3k in the round of 16 vs playing rapha in quarters He gets used to Quake and new enviro after his few-weeks break and u'll see the Evil-Cypher finals, realizing all the wrong u've written up above. Yeah yeah, evil this, evil that and if he loses horribly on toxicity again, we'll cry about what a shit map it is and how rapha gets unfair advantage yada yada yada.

Guess what - this shit rule has never been applied before and won't be any time soon, because why? Glad that dhw orgs r too smart and sexy for that. I would love it for av3k to win, or tox. Let's be realistic: if plazma can take 1 map it would be great. I know the draw is automatic according to some rules, but having the finalists rapha evil of the past 2 big lans quakecon and dhw12 on the same bracket side sux. Cypher looking so sharp, still gonna call Rapha to win though. Cypher was notably better this time though.

He was, can't argue. Was pretty amazing to watch whole tournament and cypher was just fantastic. I'd like an audio only stream, I can't watch the games during work. Could go any way once it hits semis etc! Killsen could beat evil, I wouldn't be scared to bet on that and that'd mess my prediction up totally so Terrible playoffs. Way to ruin a possibly good performance from both players. Also poor rapha who has by far the toughest way to the grand final. While the other side is terribly weak, both Cypher and Av3k will rape everyone until semifinals where they will face each other though this has to be an epic match lol ze dem0n.

While FraZe will have the opportunity of his life with possibly schooling spart1e and taking both top 8th community prize and best unexpected performance award money, go FraZe! I agree with you regarding Rapha vs.

DaHanG so early. However, "poor Rapha? Silly American. Never fails, always sucks. I disagree about dahang in particular. What would be unfair is the 5th-8th seeded player dahang not facing the top4 in quarters, which is the top8 instance. In other words, in this tournament and in QL in general the top4 are rapha, cypher, evil and avek, therefore if the seeding is well done then it's not 'unlucky' for him that his road to the championship consists of defeating one of them in Ro8,for example top1 against top8, in order to get to Ro4.

If anything in this tournament the screwed ones are rapha and evil, who got very difficult round of 16 playoffs for their seeding and appropriate Ro8, while for avek and cypher it's a walk in the park until semis overall easy matches in Ro16 and in quarters. I much prefer watching tournaments with double elimination, hopefully all bo5 and finals bo7.

From a spectators point of view it ensures a higher percentage of top players matches, which is more fun to watch, with the downside of screwing up the lower seeded. Edited by megaman3 at GMT, 30 November And would then probably have to face Cypher in the finals. Personally I'm pulling for Rapha to win, but given the brackets this looks very tough.

Cypher and Av3k are most likely guaranteed top 4, whereas either Rapha or DaHang will be knocked out in the quarters and finish out of the top 4. Edited by temporon at GMT, 29 November Cypher - Rapha finals, evil will lose vs k1llsen or tox, cypher will beat av3k. They said they'll probably stream 3 round of 16 games. I would dream of Evil taking it all! We have them all. Guess we will upload them after the event.

Dont really have time for it atm. First line of my post said.. Ouch gg. Haha, typical low level internet vermin response. I'm not whining, it was YOU that falsely accused me of being wrong in my reference, then you realised you got fucked and instead moaned about the title to try and save your ego.

You took a pop and it fucked up, accept defeat instead of being a sour little bitch. I'm not replying to any more as we both know you got fucked and I'm not interested in giving you more opportunity to change the topic. Because in the website it is missing, there is his hud, but not the cfg.

Tomorrow if I'm better I'll go and watch it live :.

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G2 vs FaZe ($500 bet) - CSGO BETTING REACTION

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