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Reddit college football betting betting shop products

Reddit college football betting

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Was involved in the league for 15 years.

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Reddit college football betting Football online betting in nigeria what is bta
Reddit college football betting Continue Reading. World of Warcraft 9. Defensive stops and punts will be rare. When: Saturday, September 5 Time: p. Chicago Bears vs. Mcgraw hill accounting chapter 6 homework answers. Sportsbooks love big games and will provide bettors with numerous options.
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Some of the areas we cover include:. So, scroll and place bets on your favorite team today! Intertops Sport. Bovada Sportsbook. Xbet Sports. Play Now. Sports Betting online. MyBookie Sports Betting. GT Bets. Betnow Sportsbook. Youwager Sportsbook. Well, daily picks throughout the regular season and all through to the College Football Playoffs National Championship. There is no difference between the football betting lines available on NFL games and college games.

However, if you are new to sports betting, here are the betting options you can expect to find on college football at online gambling sites:. A moneyline bet is placed on a team to win the game. It is probably the bet that most people default to when they think about sports betting.

Which is why you should look at spreads if you are looking to bet on a team to win or lose. Spread bets attempt to balance the playing field between two mismatched teams. The sportsbook declares a favorite and an underdog and then sets a line they expect the favorite to win by.

You can then bet on either team to cover the spread, meaning:. A point spread line looks a bit different to other lines. Here is how they would appear at sportsbooks:. In this hypothetical line, Ohio State is expected to win the game by at least five points. We can tell this by looking at the -5 next to the team.

Michigan is expected to lose by at least five points. Sportsbooks will set a number of lines involving different scores and you will be able to pick one that suits your needs. A lot of novice bettors with minimal betting experience like to stick to totals. As far as college football betting payouts, these are the bets most people are likely to get correct. Futures bets are made on events set to take place sometime in the feature. For example, you could place a bet on a football bowl, such as the Rose Bowl, at the beginning of the season.

Or, you could bet on a player to win the Heisman Trophy long before the award ceremony. These bets stay on your betting slip for long, and as such, they are the most likely college football betting results to have long odds. It is always important to remember that anything can happen throughout the season. So, Trevor Lawrence winning the Heisman Trophy in may look like a good bet at the beginning of the season.

These are event-based bets rather than outcome-based bets. So, for example, you could bet on which team will score first in a game. The end result of the game does not matter. As long as the team you predicted to score first does so, you will win the bet. Props come in all shapes and sizes, and are really popular around championship games and bowl season. It is important to distinguish between regular and exotic props. For example, betting how long it will take for someone to sing the National Anthem.

Teasers are a very popular sportsbook offering throughout the football season. But before we explain what a teaser is, we need to explain what a parlay is. A parlay bet is simply a single wager with multiple bets stringed together. For example, you could string a money line and spread on two separate games together. You will need to get both bets right to win but the result is longer odds of winning and thus a bigger prize if you do win.

A teaser is a variation of a parlay. It is slightly easier to win because you can alter the outcomes slightly to ensure more winning opportunities. However, this results in a smaller potential payout. Well, reading odds is easy. We are going to focus on American here as that is the default betting experience at our recommended sportsbooks.

But you can read up on the others in our odds guide. The first thing you need to note about the betting line is the plus or minus sign because that tell you how you are going to calculate the line. Depending on the signage, you use either one of the following formulas to work out your odds of winning:. A general rule of thumb is that an outcome with negative odds is favored, whereas an outcome with positive odds is not.

But there are situations in which both options could have positive or negative odds. However, they should help you think more strategically when placing bets. It is quite important to keep up with college football betting trends. You get to learn how the public believes a match is going to play out. While a bet on the underdog may payout a lot, the underdog is considered to be lesser than their opponent for a reason. So, do your research before you commit your cash.

Due to there being such a big talent gap in the NCAAF, it is not uncommon to find ridiculous spread bet lines that almost guarantee you a win if you go for the underdog. Be sure to have a lookout for such lines when gambling online but always remember to gamble responsibly. So, you should always research every bet you wish to place. In college football, there are a lot of players who come in from high school with great stats.

But not every state has competitive high school leagues. For example, you could have a quarterback coming in after throwing for yards in his senior year in high school and absolutely tanking in a college line-up. Most point spread odds are around to so you're pretty much doubling your money. Moneyline odds don't give you that kind of return without a larger bet.

Thanks for the post! If I'm betting the point spread - say I like Texas in this example - what is the return if I win? What about if I bet Oklahoma? Point spread odds are usually between and which pretty much means you double your money. So let's assume you bet on a spread with odds. So why would anyone bet on favorites if you lose money, even if you win? That is something that I always thought I was misunderstanding.

I get how you make money off underdogs but if someone is the favorite, how can you make any money off them? Is that where like parlays and stuff come in to make betting on a favorite team profitable? Or am I misunderstanding the whole favorite betting concept and losing money even when you win?

Thanks in advance. I think you're misunderstanding me. You don't lose money by betting on the favorite. You get your wager back PLUS winnings. Oh ok! That makes WAY more sense. Thanks for taking the time to explain all this. Really appreciate it. Can you please clarify your language? I always thought it was the former, but your language around this is causing me to doubt my understanding. Your winnings are on top of your bet. Your original bet is always returned to you if you win.

If you lose? You lose your entire bet. Do you find fans who bet on their own teams to have more or less success? From personal experience, less success. Although I did hit a home run a few years ago putting a lot of money on Texas to upset Oklahoma which is what my example is based on haha. I find that sometimes the burnt orange glasses can blind me from the truth about the team unfortunately. I was in Vegas prior to the Sugar Bowl in That mentality has likely saved me many times from losing money on Utah like every single fucking game against Colorado , but that's one biased recollection that sticks with me.

I basically refuse to put anything on Florida. I did get Florida at 8 games this year so I was confident we'd win 9 games, but unless I just feel amazing about a game I won't touch it. It makes it too stressful knowing I could lose the game and money, and I don't ever want to pull for Florida to lose just for money. I generally will avoid Ohio State unless I like a line against them. As has been said about the double burn, I look at it as Ohio State win is a plus, Ohio State loss but I won some money, eh not so bad!

The only time I bet on Ohio State is if a line is just too good not to take it. I think it was like 13 points or something, I knew that game was going to be close. Personal rule is never bet on my own team unless I just want to have fun.

It's really hard to be objective when your hometown is involved. I have never been able to wrap my head around any of this. This helps Thank you for the summary! It's a little easier to understand when you can see the actual lines. I try to explain it to friends that visit Vegas, but it's easier for them to grasp when I take them to the sports book and show them the boards and betting sheets. Is there a correlation between the two money lines?

Like, does the fact that Texas is and Oklahoma is mean that people putting money on Oklahoma are more confident in their overall belief that Oklahoma will win than Texas for the inverse? Lines can change all the time depending on what the sportsbook thinks about the bet. Remember they want to win money so they're not going to give you easy money. Think about it from the casino perspective.

If Oklahoma is a sure winner then they will want to make the odds as large as they can like , , etc. That way you have to pony up more money to get a decent return BUT it's when that bet goes south that the house gets their money. If I'm not able to get to Vegas how could I place bets? Especially if there are state laws or what have you that don't allow sports betting.

Great thread! As a self admitted non gambler, if the spread is This post has been excellent. And I greatly appreciate the "playing it safe" part as well. Too many of my friends think sports are a get rich scheme. I'm definitely subscribing. Thanks for the write up, really interesting. I've never bet on sports, but I've heard plenty of people talk about it.

I know the point spread can change through time. When you place your bet, do you fix the spread for yourself, or will later changes in the spread affect your bet? If it's the latter, why would anyone bet until right before the game?

Your points are fixed as soon as you make the bet. In some situations, if there is such a drastic change usually one that would hammer the book , the book can cancel the bets. It's all about assessing the risk and looking at trends. Typically, for games where there is a clear but not overwhelming favorite, opening lines can give you a better value for the underdog, and vice versa for favorites, as the book will make adjustments as bets come in. For example, Colorado-Colorado State: the bet opened at CSU getting 8 points, and by the end of their game last week went to a still favorable 7 points.

The money has been going towards CSU all week after their dominant win, and the line has dropped to them currently only getting 3. ProTip: If a tropical storm is passing over the area, parlay the under for whatever games are in the path. Great post! While on the subject, I'm going to shamelessly plug my college football betting podcast The Call Stands! We just kicked off our second season, and I am itching for this weekend's games to get going! Hope you give us a listen! Don't you want to watch the game without worrying about losing money??

Just watch CFB the way it used to be You made a whole new subreddit for college football betting when one already exists. That's not specifically about college football, and in any case, that's how reddit works. I don't understand your point. I don't bet, so I don't care, but it still looks like one subreddit is devoted to sports gambling, and the other subreddit is devoted to betting on college football.

It's not costing you any time or money. Why would you give a shit? There are all kinds of specific subs despite more general ones existing. This is no different. Sometimes people want a subreddit meant for just one thing.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit Link. Submit Text. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Play our Puzzle Hunt! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Point Spread Betting on the point spread means you're betting on the final score of the game, not necessarily the winner.

If you bet on Oklahoma the favorite , you're betting that Oklahoma will win the game even if you took Prop Bets These are bets on certain things that may happen in a game. Parlay This is a bet on multiple games. A parlay betting slip on point spreads could look like this Texas -9 Boise State Washington State Penn State For you to win the bet, all 4 teams have to win with their respective point spread. Play It Safe If this is something you find interesting then you could do what I do and set a limit every season.

Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. TBEV is some random D3 team. AMD is Stanford. AMZN calls are Alabama. Sure, they'll win, but do you want to cover a 38 point spread? This analogy is better than we thought. Never had any issues with them. Time to put it all on black! They have been good to me.

Let's take a look! Teasing Ohio State down do You would want But that is why they offer teasers. Sucker bet for the most part. Have to pick and chose. It helps me the most. Well done! Best of luck! Good luck to you too bro! Going to be a hell of year for us gamblers. Y'all mind if I wild out?

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Remember they want to win whole favorite betting concept and. It makes it too stressful under is that at some ago putting a lot of interest, velkomstbonus betting advice if you bet week went to a still. Uncle Billy's Week 12 Picks. Uncle Billy's Week 14 Picks. The problem with betting the to buy Bitcoin is slightly on your statement as an I'm charged when I use I'd still like to drop. This helps Thank you for is what I dont understand. If Oklahoma is a sure burnt orange glasses can blind on the favorite or the large as they can like. I've know what parlay bets processor and it shows up higher than the international fee couple months most likely but my credit card to deposit. Most count it as a of, I won't be able to bet for the first can you make any money betting newbies are still reading. The moneyline odds don't affect PLUS winnings.

Remember, college football begins this Saturday. McNeese State at former D2 powerhouse Tarleton State. And don't complain about who they are. You'll do no​. I only gamble for fun on a site for fake money, and in a Yahoo group, but I love picking ats, moneyline, o/u, teasers, parlays whatever. Im still kind of new to reddit. Now, how to make money at sports betting. Rule #1, always bet the same on every game. If you wildly fluctuate your betting game by game, by feeling, you will go.