spread betting tax avoidance strategies

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Spread betting tax avoidance strategies

Easy-to-use mobile apps have contributed to the surge by attracting new, inexperienced traders. According to Robinhood Markets Inc. Next year, many will be surprised to receive long tax forms for In , college student Manessa Lormejuste was a little shocked to receive her first tax form from Robinhood, which ran to a dozen pages. She had no idea she could owe capital-gains tax on her trades.

Skip to Main Content Skip to Search. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services Dow Jones. Saunders wsj. To Read the Full Story. A: Spreadbets are treated differently to contracts for difference. As such the taxman will treat any gains from spread betting activities as tax-free but this also means that losses cannot be claimed against other income.

Contracts for difference on the other hand have a lower spread and providers to not pay betting duty. But this also means that any realised profits are subject to CGT and therefore exempt from tax on about the first 9k. There is also a risk that if you are professional CFD traders the tax man might argue the point that profits are subject to income tax rather than CGT in this instance. This is just a basic guidance, seek a specialised accounting firm for advice. So in about - I believe, tax on winnings was abolished.

By scrapping the tax on winnings many more people were encouraged to gamble, and the government was able to collect tax on profits made by the bookmakers, and as it is a fact that more people lose than win, whether that's on spreadbetting or any kind of gambling they collect more this way than taxing the punter, and as has been pointed out, most traders are part time, and the majority lose money, so this could be offset against tax on earnings.

For many reasons I believe the government will not remove the tax free status on spread betting the most obvious being the immediate loss of the 3pc gaming duty on client losses. More clients lose than win in reality only a percentage make any significant gains and there is still the CGT threshhold to get over as well so the tax man would lose on 3pc of clients losses and only gain marginal monies from CGT on the winners.

Not only this but the losers would be able to offset their losses again CGT liabilities elsewhere. To conclude I believe and hope things carry on as they are, I hate giving money to the Chancellor. A: Stamp duty is a tax applied to UK share purchases only not sales.

The current rate on UK equities is 0. Spread bets are exempt from the 0. Thus, assuming an overnight rate of 0. In these circumstances it would take 60 calendar days for the accumulated financing charge to exceed the stamp duty saving. Note: For trading of international shares the 0.

A: Capital Gains Tax does not apply in Ireland either so gains from spread betting in Eire are also tax-free. My understanding is that under current legislation places like Wales and Australia are also free of capital gains tax.

A: The reason is to raise money for the government and no you can't claim it back! Spread betting gains are also not subject to Capital Gains Tax. Note that aside from Ireland and the UK, Switzerland and Greece also charge stamp on equity transactions. A: My understanding: You will need to report for investment income and capital gains tax purposes in the UK, assuming you are liable to these taxes UK resident Whether you need to report capital gains depends on the amount of the gain i.

You can claim a deduction against UK tax for US withholding tax and the commissions paid. You are theoretically liable for any currency gains. The HRMC website has booklets covering most of this. You will need to keep records to help complete your UK tax return. Unfortunately, the tax summary you get from the US broker will be of no use given they start and end their tax years differently to the UK.

You will be asked to complete a W8 IRS form by your broker not difficult so they have evidence you are not a US resident. Spread betting removes all this hassle no reporting, currency moves, etc. However, it is not suited to allow investors. A: It might be best if you consulted a specialised accounting firm on these matters First, be warned that making a living from spread betting like any gambling for that matter is a high risk venture and you might want to consider having a back-up plan to fall back on.

I would strongly urge anyone against using his life savings to spread bet with. In fact it might be wise to setup a betting bank for the spread betting to avoid mixing living costs and requirements from gambling results as no matter how successful you might turn out to be - it will still be a roller-coaster as far as profits and losses go.

No, you wouldn't as personal gambling profits are outside the taxation system. However, having said this you might want to consider setting up in some sort of self-employed capacity to produce some stability in earnings in which case you would register.

Would I need to fill in a self-assessment form each year even if it is free from any taxation? Hand it in to the job centre when you register as unemployed. Or a new employer if you went part-time. If you have no job and you aren't registered as self-employed then you would not be paying national insurance but you shouild still pay at least a little amount each financial year to mantain your full pension entitlement.

Also, if I choose to be self-employed as well as doing spread betting would I need to declare my winnings with HMRC i. You might want to keep reasonable records of self-employed income and your spread betting activities statements, bank transfers to and from your spread betting company

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This is the key theme in this report, which also lists some firms that are driven by impact investments and have been successful as well. This article discusses the impact of the ageing of the western societies on the healthcare systems and the broader economy.

The key theme in this article is that the shock of gray or the increase in the number of retirees would add to the strain of the already stressed out healthcare systems in the west as well as causing a double whammy of declining contributions from the retirees and increasing outlays for their healthcare. This article compares and contrasts the healthcare systems around the world by examining the various healthcare systems in the West and the East. The key theme in this article is that healthcare is too critical a sector to be left to the private sector and hence, in the interests of social welfare and social justice, the governments across the world must provide for healthcare of their citizens.

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The recent decision of the European Union to ask depositors in Cyprus to part with their money has sent shivers down the spine of many Europeans. This article discusses the implications of this move and what it portends for other countries in the world.

This article explains what is meant by the term demographic dividend and the term demographic deficit. Further, this article also explains how these impact economic growth and the challenges before nations that are confronted with these trends. In addition, this article also examines the cases of India and Japan and how the partnerships of the future would be shaped by nations with youthful populations but not enough capital and nations with elderly populations but with enough capital for a win-win situation.

This article explains why growth worldwide is slowing down and despite the best efforts of the policymakers, it is not reviving. In addition, this article also explains the paradox of falling growth and rising stock markets. This article explains the top five challenges that are being faced by the Chinese economy. It also explains how China can overcome these challenges to continue its winning streak. This article explains the economic aspects of Syrian refugee crisis. It explains how the doom and gloom predictions are unlikely and why migrants are likely to be beneficial for the economy.

This article exposes the other side of contract farming. It explains how this arrangement can turn into a one sided arrangement that borders on exploitation of business partners. The asymmetry between the multinationals and their partners is explained in this article.

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This article examines the emergence of Robot Advisors or automated financial investment entities in Asia. The key themes in this article are that the convergence of complex financial products and cutting edge technology has led to what can be called financial technology which is poised to be the next hottest niche in banking and finance.

This article examines the current trends because of which the Indian IT sector is going through a rough phase and where there are tough times ahead. Among the reasons analyzed are macroeconomic, microeconomic, and structural factors. The key theme in this article is that the Indian IT firms must evolve from coding machines into consulting and analytics driven work if they are to move up the value chain.

This article exposes the duplicity of the fake austerity measures that are being implemented worldwide. It explains how these measures are in fact aimed at providing benefits to groups which have vested interests rather than help the general economy as a whole. The causes that may lead to the recession have been listed. It has also been explained as to why dealing with this recession may be much more difficult than expected.

This article explains the negative predictions that are being made about the information technology industry in India. It lists down the challenges and the changes in the work environment and explains why adapting to them might be difficult for Indian IT players. This article explains the issues involved in the boardroom battle in Tata group i. It lists down the acquisitions and the counter acquisition to provide the reader with an in-depth understanding of the issues.

This article explains the concept of trickle down economics. It explains why it may work and also lists down the reasons that could impede its working. It also explains why trying to grow at a similar rate will be disastrous for America. In this article, the topic of demonetization of high-value notes has been explained. The causes of the demonetization, as well as the likely effect that it will have on the economy, have all been explained in this article.

This article examines the impact of Demonetization on the Indian Economy from multiple perspectives. The key themes in this article are that the two-quarters ending in Jan and March would be the litmus test for the exercise and hence, the economic impact can be gauged from the figures and indicators for these quarters.

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This article explains the economic implications of a Donald Trump presidency. It lists some of the important economic policies and then explains their effects one by one. It is attempt to forget the racist agenda for once and look at the issues that are caused by illegal immigration. Curbing of illegal immigration will then lead to getting rid of these issues. This article lists down the reasons why outsourcing would not survive in the Trump era.

It explains how Trump will be able to achieve a lot more with a lot less effort during his regime. This article explains the difference between immigration policies that were in place in the 19th century United States and today. The article provides a step by step explanation as to why the very concept of open borders is anathema to a welfare state.

The article recommends choosing between the two alternatives since both cannot coexist. This article discusses different proposals on how Donald Trump plans to make Mexico pay for the wall. The viability of each proposal, as well as the pros and cons of each, have been listed down in this article. This article explains why prohibition is a bad economic policy.

It explores the drug problem from an economic point of view and explains why law enforcement is nothing but a wastage of resources. This article is a classic example of how sometimes moral judgment and economic sense can be at odds.

This article explains the economic context of the drug war. It describes how the government can end this war by doing exactly the opposite of what it is doing now. This article explains why the economy of Scotland is deteriorating. It also explains the possible impacts of a Scottish independence would be on its economy and hence why pressing for independence is a bad idea.

This article explains why Australian economy has been recession-free for 25 years now. It also explains why a recession is likely to be there in the short term. This article explains the rise of South Korea. It explains how the nation went from rags to riches and laid down the blueprint which can be used by other nations as well.

This article explains the issues with the Saudi Arabian economy. It explains how Saudi might end up being bankrupt over the next few years if corrective measures are not immediately undertaken. This article explains the myth that socialism is behind the economic prosperity of the Nordic nations. It explains that Nordic countries are not socialistic at all and the success is the result of their culture and not of socialism. The key themes that emerge in this article are that globalization has had both a homogenizing and a diversifying effect on leaders of companies, states, and regions.

This means that globalization has succeeded in ensuring a global mindset among some leaders and at the same time has made other leaders parochial and narrow-minded in their approach. This is the dichotomy that this article explores in detail in the succeeding sections. This article argues for Governments and Businesses to work together to mitigate the Disruption and Dislocation to jobs and other aspects of the economy to automation.

Indeed, the key theme in this article is that emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution is unlike earlier waves of innovation and hence unless steps are taken, we might very well witness massive social unrest due to rising costs of living and falling wages and joblessness. As the World Ages, all stakeholders must plan for the various aspects of the financial, physical, infrastructural, and social challenges of the Graying Societies and this article examines some of the challenges and proposes some tentative approaches.

The key themes in this article are that unless we prepare for how to provide pensions to the elderly, ensure medical attention to them, and have enough people to take care of them, growing old can become a curse and place strains on all stakeholders. Any firm exists to make profits, and for this, it needs to grow.

This article explains the different strategies that firms follow to increase their profits and to actualize growth. The key theme in this article is that some basic rules of growth are the same in any economy and on top of that, firms devise different strategies based on time, geography, sector, and distance.

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This article explains the negative consequences of H1B visa ban on the American economy. This article debunks common misconceptions that make people believe that their jobs can be stolen. It also explains how immigrants and Americans are competing against each other for the same set of jobs. This article examines the many disruptions that have been the characteristic of the Indian Telecom sector over the years. As part of this analysis, this article explores the past to understand the present and make some educated predictions.

The key theme in this article is that despite all the disruptions, the Indian Telecom Sector remains attractive to Global Telecom Majors for the near future. It explains the various challenges facing the Greek economy. It then provides a step by step methodology to be followed to convert Greece from a defaulter to an economic powerhouse.

This article explains how automation is going to impact the employment scenario. It explains the rapid steps that mankind is making in the direction of automation. It provides a realistic and unbiased view of how automation is likely to affect job creation in the future.

It explains the pros and cons in detail before arriving at a conclusion. It also explains why it is popular amongst the businesses and not amongst the consumers. The article also lists down the biggest challenge being faced by this technology. This article explains how the Internet of Things IoT is changing the lives of common people. It provides certain examples of how day to day lives of common people will be affected by the technological disruption. This article explains the executive order related to H1B signed by President Trump.

It also explains, why entering a trade war with the United States is not a viable option for the Indian government. This article explains the concept of pollution tax. It explains the rationale behind this tax and how it could put an end to the pollution problem. Also, it explains the possible pitfalls that the tax may face if it is implemented by a single regime only. The Pollution tax is a global solution and must be implemented as such. This article explains the tax regime in place in Dubai.

It explains how Dubai is far from being a no tax country. The various taxes levied are listed and explained in this article. This article is a primer about the internet business environment in China. It lists down some of the biggest companies in the Chinese markets. It explains why these companies are successful within China but not outside of China. This article introduces the concept of water privatization.

It explains how privatization is the norm in many parts of the world. The pros and cons of privatization are then listed out to provide the user a complete picture. This article explains the economics of electric cars. It then continues to list down the economic and regulatory reasons that have an impact on the mass adaptation of electric cars. This article explains the significant infrastructure push that Americans are about to receive under the Trump administration.

It also explains how it likely to be funded and how the capital will be rationed amongst various projects. This article explains some of the problems that are being faced by American retail workers who are being laid off from their jobs. It also lists down some possible solutions. Is more the better at all times, or, is small beautiful? This article examines the pros and cons of our current growth at all costs economic and social model and argues that it is time for us to embrace sustainability and responsibility in our lifestyles and paradigms.

Otherwise, we would be perhaps facing a dark future for which the coming generations would suffer. Firms love growth and shareholders are happy as long as they are growing. Having said that, not all firms achieve the desired growth, and this article examines some strategies that firms can actualize to grow and become market leaders.

The key theme in this article is that there is no one single approach to growth and it depends on sensing and intuiting the market trends to adopt and adapt a particular growth strategy. This article explains the business model of Amazon. It explains key features like revenue model and business proposition in detail.

This article provides an explanation about the Canadian housing bubble. It lists down the reasons which are causing this housing bubble. It then also lists down the possible effects that this bubble is likely to have on the market. This article explains the importance of German SMEs in their economy. It explains how these companies have helped the average German population develop and thrive in several ways.

It uses common sense to expose the gaping loopholes in this incoherent plan. The contemporary organizations are learning to manage the latest and newest entrants who are the Millennial Generation. This is perhaps the first generation which is radically different from earlier ones, and hence, managers and organizations need to understand what makes them tick and manage them accordingly.

This article examines such approaches that managers in contemporary organizations can employ to manage the Millennials. The Millennials or those born between and and who are known thus as they have come of age in the Millennium need to understand as to what makes their consumer behavior tick.

For this, the marketers need to be aware of some aspects about this age cohort which can help them greatly. This article examines some approaches that marketers can adopt when Marketing to the Millennials. This article explains how GST is better than the previous tax regimes in India.

The pros and cons of GST have been listed down in this article. This has been hailed as the game changer to the extent of being called a second independence. Would GST live up to the hype? What does it propose to do and what does it seek to remedy? Moreover, what are the concerns? These points would be examined in this article. This article explains the rise and fall of the Chinese economy.

It lists down every event that had a significant impact on the rise and fall of the Asian giant. This article explains the history of protectionism. It also explains why protectionism is a dangerous policy. The pitfalls of the policy, as well as previous implementations, are listed to demonstrate that the measures being enacted by Donald Trump are neither new nor novel and have zero chance of being effective.

This article explains why multinationals are at a gross disadvantage in the protectionist era. It also lists down some of the biggest challenges that will be faced by these multinationals in the near future. As part of the discussion, this article examines several insights that arise from the ongoing sagas of these two firms and which are essential for all students and practitioners of management. Are there any downsides to this new world of work?

Or, is it a win-win proposition for all stakeholders? This article explores these themes and recommends that all stakeholders come together to usher in the next wave of innovation and revolution in the way business works so that everyone benefits in the end. This article examines the causes of the present economic slowdown in the Indian Economy by analyzing threadbare the factors that have caused it.

The key themes in this article revolve around the longer term trends as well as the shorter duration consequences of Demonetization and GST as well as the global slowdown in addition to globalization being on a slow slope. This article explains the impact of Brexit on the economy of London. It describes how the financial sector jobs are likely to exit the city. However, it also explains that a mass exodus is unlikely. This article explains how subsidized flood insurance increased the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

It also explains why the government should abandon this policy. This article explains the reasons why it is impossible to run the government like a business. It describes how the two forms of organizations are fundamentally different and how Trump has made misleading claims. This article explains the business model of AirBnB. It also lists down and describes the common issues affecting people in the AirBnB ecosystem.

The Indian Economy has been in the news for the wrong reasons. Faced with a slowdown and the possibility of faster growth, not on the horizon, the chances of a New Normal of low growth and slower job creation loom large on the radar. This article explains the reasons for the New Normal and argues that the structural reforms that have been introduced would take time to materialize into actual results on the ground. The key theme in this article is that it is better to be realistic instead of being overly optimistic and at the same time, not giving in to pessimism.

This article explains the issue of privatization of airports. It explains both the advantages as well as the disadvantages related to the issue. The effects of this crash on the American people, American investors, as well as the emerging markets, have been explained in this article. It is a fact that immigration to the West has become more difficult in the present times. Moreover, even Australia and New Zealand are tightening the rules. However, Canada and Germany seem to be attractive.

This article explains the present situation in these countries as far as immigration is concerned and suggests some steps that potential immigrants can take. This article discusses the global race between American and Chinese firms for profitability and sheer survival. The key themes that are examined include the levels of support that they are getting from their respective governments as well as how both governments are aiding them in their quest for global domination.

In addition, this article also discusses other trends in the global economy. Indian Corporates are struggling with high debts and low growth. This has created a double whammy for them which are further compounded by Demonetization and GST.

Perhaps, this is the first serious domestic downturn since the liberalization of the Indian Economy and comes at a time when oil prices are at historical lows and the global economies are rebounding. The government is trying to help them through stimulus and other policy measures. This article examines these themes from multiple perspectives.

This article examines and analyzes the impact of Demonetization on the Indian Economy. The discussion is as much about analyzing the impact on the economy as it is about the need to introduce behavioral changes in a gradual and planned manner. The key theme of this article is that structural changes take the time that too in a complex economy such as India, and hence, it would have been better if the measure was phased and not sudden. The present wave of populism and protectionism threatens the gains from globalization.

The public anger after the crisis should be addressed for mutual prosperity. Further, financial globalization is continuing, and trade led globalization is faltering. Thus, this article analytically examines these themes and suggests that unless we address the causes of the populist anger, we might yet again witness another crisis.

There is an energy revolution underway across the world. This article explains the reasons for this energy shift and discusses how global firms and investors can profit from these trends. India is on the cusp of a renewable energy revolution, and Solar seems to be powering much of the ambition and the hype surrounding this transformation. This case study seeks to review the reasons for the solar drive and using some real-world examples; we aim to illustrate some of the caution as well as the optimism that has made investors both hopeful and cautious.

We recommend that there has to be cautious and guarded optimism before one rushes to invest in the sector. This article explains the Kansas experiment. It lists down the mistakes that lead to the economic failure of the state of Kansas as well the effects that followed the failure. Will the Indian Economy maintain its growth rates in ?

Will there be turbulence ahead or whether there would be a recovery? The answers to these questions would depend on various factors that would be discussed in this article. The key theme of this article is that there is enough scope for Big Bang Reforms in and with sufficient political will and support from Indian Industry; the Indian Economy can indeed be turbocharged in This article provides details of Amazons tax evasion.

The article lists down how Amazon has been unfairly avoiding taxes in the United States as well as in Europe. However, there are some concerns over privacy and security of the Personal Information and the Biometric Data that is being collected. On the other hand, if the government allays these concerns, the Aadhar initiative can indeed help in plugging leakages and revolutionizing last mile delivery of governmental schemes and subsidies.

This article explains the Chinese interest in the Central and Eastern European nations. The countermeasures being taken by the European Union and the United States have also been explained. It debunks the common myth that Mexico has been a beneficiary of this policy and lists down the losses faced by Mexico. This article explains the quality of economic growth that China has been able to achieve. The issue has been analyzed from an ethical as well as economic standpoint.

This article explains the big tax breaks given to corporations for repatriating money back to America. The possible benefit that the average American may derive from these policies is also discussed. There is a jobs crisis on in India at the moment. This is leading to social unrest and chaos, and the key theme of this article is that without absorbing all the Millions of youth entering the workforce, India is at the risk of Implosion. Also, the paradox of high economic growth and low employment needs to be addressed soon.

Apart from this, jobless growth has to be transformed into gainful and meaningful economic prosperity for all. What makes regions such as Silicon Valley and cities such as Bangalore emerge as global hotspots of innovation? Is there some secret recipe for their success? The combination of geography, climate, political drive, economic considerations, and wisdom of crowds, which are listed as the factors behind these cities and regions are discussed in this article. Apart from this, this article also examines how other regions worldwide can emulate these centers of innovation that are showing some signs of decline for various reasons.

This article explains the economic effects of the attempted coup in Turkey. It lists the major economic problems being faced by Turkey. The global economy is growing. Technology has made the lives of people more comfortable. So, why are people angry? The answer is that the gains are accruing to the top and technology has widened the wealth disparities.

This has resulted in populist trends such as Trump and Brexit. Thus, we need a new narrative about how to make free markets work for everyone and not for the few alone. While the future seems bleak for low skilled workers and young Millennials, there are ways in which they can help themselves and this article lists down some of them.

Also, instead of directing their anger at the system and against liberal stakeholders, they must not give in to populists and autocrats and instead, look for the positives. Indeed, as this article discusses, the system can only help those who help themselves. This article lists down the economic impacts of the Cape Town water crisis.

It explains why this water crisis will go beyond being a municipal problem and will negatively affect the entire economy of South Africa. This article explains how Google is facing a conflict of interest. It lists the products that are causing this conflict. This article explains how buying locally helps the economy. It explains how small businesses benefit the economy more than the large corporations. It also tells why buying local is also beneficial for the environment.

The article explains why the Saudi government finds itself in the middle of a crisis and then lists the steps being taken to recover from it. Important statistics about this issue have been mentioned. Also, some suggestions have been provided to help companies formulate new policies. This article explains how the music industry has continued to survive. It explains the effect of piracy and free internet. The new sources of revenue for the music industry have been listed and explained in this article.

This article explains the rising economic dependence of the Maldives on China. It also explains how China has willfully bankrupted several nations in the past. It lists the likely benefit that Amazon may obtain by launching this service. This article explains the impact of tariff impositions on steel and aluminum. It lists the industries that are likely to be affected. It also explains the possibility of retaliatory measures by other nations.

Indian cities are becoming unlivable. As can be seen from the events of the last two years, the urban crisis afflicts everyone and hence, it is time for collective action and not resorting to blame games. We have the resources and the administrative capabilities and all that we need is for everyone to come together to address the problems. We also owe it to the future generations to leave them a future that is worth living.

This article explains the economic losses being caused by traffic jams. It analyses the connection of complex problems like carbon emissions with traffic jams. It also lists the common sense measures which need to be taken to control this problem. Cities worldwide are in a global race for investments and this article explains the why or the reasons for such competition as well as the how or the mechanisms of such competition.

The key themes in this article are that for political, economic, demographic, and social reasons, cities do not have the luxury of waiting for investments and indeed, are being necessitated to seek investments. This article explains the economics of drug pricing. It explains the concept of branded and generic drugs. It also explains why these drugs are differently priced.

Lastly, it explains why this differential pricing is not unethical but in fact necessary for the proper functioning of the pharma market. This article explains how fiat money as well as trade deficits are linked with each other. It also explains how massive trade deficits would be impossible under a gold standard. It also explains how the excessive printing of dollars could cause hyperinflation in the United States.

There has been much talk about Trade Wars in recent months. In this article, we examine what Free Trade is and how Trade Wars affect different stakeholders. Lastly, we also analyze the benefits of Free Trade and some measures that can be taken to redress the current situation. This article explains the two biggest myths being propagated by American politicians. It explains why manufacturing jobs are not necessary for economic growth.

It also explains why it would be wrong to say that American firms are facing unfair competition. Relevant facts pertaining to these allegations have been examined to provide an unbiased picture. It also explains how Amazon has been able to get into various unrelated business and be successful in all of them. This article explains the issue of intellectual property theft by China. The economic impacts, as well as the methods used for intellectual property theft, have been listed in this article.

This article explains the increasing role of China in several Latin American economies. It also lists the benefits that both China and Latin America are likely to derive from this economic arrangement. It explains why outsourcing is unlikely to be impacted by any of these tax cuts. This article explains that the wages of the American worker have been stagnant for close to twenty years now. The factors that have led to this stagnation have been explained in detail in this article.

This article explains the rapid rise of India as a manufacturing hub. It provides a list of the advantages and disadvantages that accrue to companies who decide to set up their manufacturing facilities in India. This article explains the issue of gun violence in America. It also explains how corporations can contribute towards this issue. The public relations benefits that are likely to accrue to these corporations are also listed and explained.

This article explains the plight of the dreamers, i. It also explains how the United States can learn from Switzerland and resolve the dreamer crisis amicably. This article explains the economic implications of the power grab in China. It lists down the most probable impacts and explains about them in detail. Sports are now a megabucks enterprise. Millions of Dollars are offered for TV rights and prominent sportspersons are feted like celebrities.

How did sports become big business and what are the implications of such a trend on other stakeholders? More importantly, are there any collateral benefits as well as drawbacks of this? In addition, does the excessive commercialization of some sports crowds out the others?

These are some of the themes that would be tackled in this article. How are corporates, exporters, and governments responding to protectionism? How should students wishing to study abroad plan for their future? What should working professionals aspiring to emigrate do?

These are some of the themes that are examined in this article. The global to Glocal movement has now reached purely local strategies and hence, all stakeholders must prepare accordingly. Further, the United States turning inward means that other nations would step up and take its place.

This article discusses the implications of the recently concluded deal between the American retail behemoth, Walmart, and the Indian eCommerce firm, Flipkart, on the Indian eCommerce and Retail sectors. This article and the analysis go beyond the headlines to uncover the motivations of the key stakeholders to enter the Indian consumer segments.

The key theme in this article is that the Indian eCommerce sector based on heavy discounted business models and strategies is only for those who are in the longer term and do not mind losing money in the shorter term. Tourism, despite being profitable, has effects on the environment and the communities that sustain it. Already we are seeing the harmful effects of rampant tourism in India and South East Asia.

Thus, there is a need for corporates that benefit from tourism to take up CSR led initiatives. In this context, the ongoing move to involve corporates in maintaining heritage monuments in India can be fruitful for all stakeholders if managed properly. This article examines these themes with the central message of promoting sustainable tourism that benefits everyone in the longer term.

The Indian Aviation Sector is soaring high but also faces turbulence ahead. This case study explores these themes from multiple perspectives and suggests some measures that can be implemented to minimize the risks and maximize the positives. The discussion is from economic, social, and political aspects covering the past, present, and future of the Indian Aviation Sector. This article explains what the term First Mover Advantage means and why it matters to everyone. Having said that, we also caution that First Movers should not become complacent and take their market dominance for granted lest they be upstaged by newer and more agile firms.

The ongoing trade wars threaten to upend the global trading order established in the aftermath of the Second World War. While the United States under President Trump and his supporters views the present trading order as being unfair and skewed towards certain countries and the elites in particular, there are arguments for its benefits as well. This article considers the pros and cons of globalization and free trade and makes the case for an inclusive and just trading system that works for all and not just the few.

Most of us would have heard of Singapore as a regional hub for global corporations. However, what makes it unique among its peers and what made it into the same is the subject of this article, which along with a discussion on how its innovative policies as well as efficient administration are discussed in detail.

Recessions arrive without warning and cause economic shocks for which nations and individuals are often unprepared. Moreover, creative destruction of industries means that professionals must be on the lookout for warning signs. In addition, governments seem to be failing in their duty to create social safety nets to shield and buffer their citizens during economic shocks. Taken together, what these mean is that one must look back to the past for insights, embrace the present by staying focused, and prepare for the future by having a clear vision.

If you have been following the Greek Debt Crisis and want to know more about the latest deal that has been described as historic, this article provides the context, the background, and the way ahead about the different aspects of the crisis. In addition, this article also examines the lessons for other nations and especially India as it goes into an election year where the tendency to be populist is stronger. Lastly, we conclude with cautious optimism about Greece and how it can avoid such crises in the future.

With much hype around India achieving Double Digit Economic growth, it is often forgotten or overlooked about the very real constraints that India faces in terms of physical, human, and social capital. This article examines some of the barriers to economic growth and analyzes whether India can surmount them and grow more and faster.

Apart from this, this article also discusses why successive waves of reform have failed to succeed as far as these barriers are concerned. The skewed economics of hosting the World Cup has been explained in this article. This article explains the reasons for the growth of the economy of Germany. It contrasts the economy of Germany and China to explain why the German economic growth is superior. It also provides a primer on the economic history of Germany. In addition, the MINT countries also are yet to be saturated and this is attracting investors.

The urban regions of the world are on the cusp of social unrest if the problems related to urbanization are not addressed immediately. This article explains some of the problems of rapid and massive urbanization and suggests some solutions that can be implemented to tackle them. In addition, this article also examines how cities in India and elsewhere are facing acute and pressing problems that need political will to solve them.

Lastly, this article also considers the Smart City paradigm that can be a solution to the problems discussed here. This is a case study on the Indian Telecom Sector. This case study analyzes the growth of the sector and explains how it has transformed Indian Society and Economy in ways that were not conceivable a few decades ago. We use strategic tools such as PESTLE Analysis to examine the environmental factors that impact the sector as well as provide a discussion on how Reliance Jio has been disruptive to the sector.

We conclude this case study with a note of caution on the road ahead for the sector as well as an optimistic outlook about future innovations. This article explains what FOMO is, what its manifestations are, and how we can mitigate its consequences.

In addition, this article also argues that while technology might be value neutral, we are reaching a point where it is enslaving us instead of empowering us and it is time we took steps to address this issue. As Europe and the European Union are in the news recently, this article examines the ideas underpinning its creation, the threats that it faces, and the flaws in its structure that can lead to the demise of the European Union as a cohesive unit.

Moreover, we argue that the present fudge approach to crises that are supposedly solved without addressing the root causes cannot last for long and it is high time Europe takes a collective decision to remain united as otherwise chaos and anarchy would ensue. With the world embracing the digital, the future would be all about digital and physical modes of communications, transactions, work, and life supplementing and complementing each other.

In this exciting future where machines and artificial intelligence would take over from the physical work and our minds as well, it would be bewildering to those who are not ready for the future. This article examines these themes along with some practical suggestions on how to prepare for the digital future.

Smart Cities are the rage everywhere. The Utopian promise of living in such regions should be balanced with the realities as well. Smart Cities use cutting edge technologies to actualize seamless and convenient urban governance. However, massive investments are needed to make them a reality. On the other hand, the challenges of the 21st Century are such that unless we transition into sustainable modes of living, we risk collapse. Thus, there is a need to make Smart Cities workable.

The emergence of the internet was accompanied by high hopes that it would lead to an egalitarian and just world. However, as can be seen now, it has not yet fully realized its potential for social justice. Having said that, it did usher in many changes in the way we communicate, work, live, and transact commerce.

This article examines the hopes and the disappoints as well as the promise and the future of how the internet has evolved over the years. The Futurists in the world are predicting a Digital Utopia that is connected and would erase the difference between Humans and Machines and instead, usher in an era where Digital Humans would be the norm.

Having said that, one must also consider who benefits and who loses in this connected future. In addition, this article also illustrates the specific ways in which the connected future would change all of us. It is no secret that technology has taken over our lives. We cannot imagine a world without Google which did not exist a couple of decades ago. Similarly, Amazon has pioneered online selling and Facebook has redefined what it means to socialize. In the same manner, Apple with its iPhone ushered in the Smartphone era.

Thus, this article examines the dominance of these firms in the 21st Century and notes that while there are concerns about such power, it is up to us to make it work for beneficial rather than harmful ends. The Indian Education Sector is in need of reform. From high dropout rates at the primary school level, to low quality of education at the secondary level, and the unemployable graduates at the higher education level, there is a need for comprehensive overhaul of the sector.

This article examines these themes and suggests some measures that the Indian Government along with social activists and societal stakeholders can implement and recommends a bottom up approach to reform that works. Having said that, their excessive risk taking has caused serious damage to the economies worldwide as seen during the Global Financial Crisis of The election of President Trump upended the economic and foreign policies prevailing in the United States.

At the same time, Trump has consistently been more pro corporates and big business than his Republican Predecessors and he also retained the support of a broad voter base that was left behind by globalization and technology. Thus, this article examines how President Trump and his economic and foreign policies affect corporates and argues that the United States being a bastion and beacon of Capitalism and Free Market Democracy would always put the interests of the capitalists first.

Debt is basic and central to capitalist free market economies. Debt is like an addiction that is healthy when pursued in moderation and toxic and when done in excess. This article takes these themes and examines the implications of the global debt trap on economies, businesses, and individuals. This article argues that responsible lending and borrowing are the solutions to the prevailing debt paradigm and that, all of us have to save and invest and not merely continue mortgaging our future by borrowing in excess.

This was promptly cheered by the government which held it as proof that the Indian Economy was on the right track. So, what is the Ease of Business Rankings and why does it matter to developing and emerging economies such as India? This article answers this question and explains why such rankings are important for investors.

We have been hearing a lot about Digital India over the last one year. Is such a move to make Digital India realistic or mere slogan when one takes into account the ground realities? Moreover, there is a need for behavioral changes and hence, these changes must be nudged as well.

This article examines these themes in addition to describing the hardware building that is needed for the software of digital modes of transactions. The election season is approaching and it is time for the final arbiters of the Indian polity, the voters, to make up their mind about how well the Modi Sarkar performed in economic terms. While Acche Din might be yet on the horizon, there are some notable successes.

Having said that, the reality is that the Indian Economy is too complex to be reformed by Big Bang approaches. This article examines these themes and provides a context for the Indian voters as the elections approach. This article explains the concept of mileage tax. It explains how this tax is different from the gas tax. The shortcomings of the gas tax as well as the limitations of the mileage tax have been listed in this article.

This article explains how the problem of immigration and drug war are actually linked. It explains how the war on drugs has created anarchy in many Central American nations. It also explains how this anarchy has caused the citizens to flee the persecution and illegally immigrate to the United States.

This article explains why the cost of living is extraordinarily high in Brazil. The most important factors have been listed in this article. The explanation challenges the assumption that Brazil can be called an emerging economy. This article explains the common misconceptions about poverty that influence decision making regarding the same. It debunks some of the myths and provides alternative explanations. This article explains about the rise of the Chinese multinational.

It also explains how Chinese companies have grown into multinationals. It also describes some of the problems that these companies face when they try to conduct business abroad. This article describes how socialism is a failed system and how countries like Russia and China have also adopted capitalism.

It lists the measures that need to be taken when nations change from socialism to capitalism. The example of countries like China and Russia has been given to explain the context in which these policies have been implemented in the past.

This article explains how an economic blockade was constructed by Saudi in order to destroy the fledgling Qatari economy. It also describes why this blockade failed and how the Qatari economy is now growing faster than ever before. It describes the reasons which led to the lawsuit. It also explains how this deal is likely to affect various stakeholders.

This case study discusses and examines the environmental and structural characteristics of the Indian Healthcare sector. The present model of high priced and unaffordable healthcare is increasingly being challenged by many stakeholders and especially the government which has now taken up the mammoth task of providing quality healthcare to all citizens irrespective of class or status.

Moreover, with the key imperative being the need to develop human capital for becoming a developed country, India needs its citizens to be healthy and thereby contribute productively. This article explains the debt situation in Malaysia. It describes how a crowdfunding campaign has been launched by the Malaysian government to get rid of this problem.

It also explains the major caused that have led to this situation as well as the measures being taken to get out of this debt trap. This article explains why the divestment of Air India failed. It explains the problems with Air India which scared away potential suitors.

It also describes how the Indian government will be affected because of the inability to make this divestment. This article explains the concept of planned obsolescence. It provides economic arguments as to why planned obsolescence is not really a reality but a figment of the imagination of some critics and commentators.

This article explains the details about the tax fraud cases that Messi and Ronaldo were embroiled in. It provides a detailed account of the defense used by these football superstars and how it was counterattacked by Spanish legislators. This article describes the rise of the e-sports industry.

It also lists the notable investments made by multinational companies like Sony, Amazon, and YouTube into this domain. This article explains the tax reform problem facing Jordan. It describes how steep increment in tax rates has led to increased prices. The initial step is always left to the client which is making a decision to entrust your paper with our experts.

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